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Secular Student Alliance eMpirical No. 42: Don't Panic! The SSA Breaks 200 Affiliates!

eMpirical, the newsletter of the Secular Student AllianceFebruary 2, 2010

In this issue:
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Secular shorts:
Don't miss the Northern California Leadership Summit! Join us Feb. 12-14 at Stanford University for a chance to meet SSA staff and student group leaders from all over the western US!

On the East Coast? Mark your calendars for the New England Leadership Summit, to be held at Harvard University, April 16-18!

The Patheos video contest deadline has been extended to April 15!

Darwin Day is coming soon! Check out DarwinDay.org for ways to celebrate!

The Humanists of Florida are hosting their first-ever, all-inclusive conference with the Center for Inquiry and the American Humanist Association. Learn more at the conference website!

Going somewhere? Support the SSA by using our Travel Gateway.

Do your shopping at Amazon.com and support the SSA!

The Secular Student Alliance now has over 200 campus affiliate groups!

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Call us toll free at 1-877-842-9474. You can also email us at ssa@secularstudents.org. We are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions or concerns!

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eMpirical Team

Content Manager:
Frank Bellamy

Editors & Assistants: August E. Brunsman IV, Ait Chapel, Amanda Knief, Lyz Liddell, Hemant Mehta, Luis A. Morán Morales


So this is eMpirical 42 and, as all really hoopy froods know, this is the answer. Alas, we still don't know what the question is. Someone in our office suggested that it might be "what is the square root of 0.44 times the number of campuses in the United States which still need an SSA affiliate group?" For those of you who don't have a brain the size of a planet, that makes for about 3,960. Thrilled though we are that everything might be about us, we're still withholding final judgment.
Philosophical quandaries aside, we have just added our 200th (and 201st, and 202nd, and 203rd...) campus affiliate group! We're delighted to have grown so much and that there are more opportunities for secular students than ever before.
Things are in full swing as students settle into the winter/spring term! Darwin Day is coming up fast, as well as our Northern California Leadership Summit. You won't want to miss these great opportunities! Plus, we're seeing students branch out into projects and undertakings bigger and better than ever. Check it out!
Not a student? You can still become a member of the Secular Student Alliance and support young freethinkers. There has never been a more exciting time to get involved!

Northern California Leadership Summit Schedule

Small Stanford
We're excited to announce the full schedule for the Northern California Leadership Summit! Check out these speakers and talks, and make sure you register for the summit!


Secular Charities for Haitian Relief Efforts

Foundation Beyond Belief

On January 12, 2010, a catastrophic 7.0-magnitute earthquake struck the impoverished nation of Haiti. We help you find secular charities to help support those Haitians in dire need.


Darwin Day is Coming!

Young DarwinDarwin Day is coming up sooner than you might think, and you don't want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the 201st birthday of the biologist who reshaped our understanding of the origins of life.


Winners of the Fall Student Membership Drive

Tiny SSA Logo
Last fall, we held the first-ever Secular Student Alliance Student Membership Drive. We had 28 groups participate, and we're excited to announce the groups who were able to recruit the most members!


Greta Christina and Dr. Darrel Ray Added to SSA Speakers Bureau

Greta ChristinaDr. Ray
The Secular Student Alliance is pleased to announce that we have added popular blogger Greta Christina (Greta Christina's Blog) and author Dr. Darrel Ray (The God Virus) to our Speakers Bureau.


So Help Us God In The Courthouse

Sarah SilvermanDr. Michael Newdow is leading the Newdow v. Roberts lawsuit, regarding the inclusion of the phrase "So help me God" in the presidential oath of office. University of Pittsburgh student Sarah Silverman was able to attend the oral arguments in the case's appeal.


Secular Student Delivers Inaugural Invocation in Southern Maine

Lovley Inaugural Photo

In a surprisingly progressive move, the mayor-elect of South Portland chose to have the invocation at his inauguration given by a secular humanist, SMASH leader Andrew Lovley.


Should Humanists Deliver Invocations? "No," says Frank Bellamy

Frank BellamyShould secular humanists be delivering invocations at public events? Frank Bellamy argues against furthering an institution that might better be laid aside entirely.


Should Humanists Deliver Invocations? "Yes," says Andrew Lovley

Andrew LovleyShould secular humanists be delivering invocations at public events? Andrew Lovley makes the case for why they should and how doing so is a benefit to society.


SSA Internship Reflection: Cameron DeHart

Cameron DeHartCameron DeHart, a freshman at the Ohio State University, was one of our two 2009 fall interns. He shares his experiences working with the Secular Student Alliance office.


Skepticon II: A Roaring Success in the Midwest

JT EberhardMid-November 2009 brought a host of interested atheists and other secularists to the Springfield campus of Missouri State University to partake in Skepticon II, a two-day event featuring best-selling authors and freethought experts.


FreeThinkers@USF Celebrate Banned Book Week

Molly MartinIn the fall of 2009, the FreeThinkers at the University of South Florida were joined by two off-campus organizations to raise awareness about the importance of freedom of speech during Banned Book Week.


Northern California Campus Organizing Needs Your Support

Arthur JacksonArthur Jackson describes the Humanist Community in Silicon Valley's involvement in the Secular Student Alliance's Northern California Regional Campus Organizing project, and the program's unexpected success.


Student, Community Groups Bring Together Non-believers, Free Thinkers

North High School A/AThe Evansville Courier & Press published this article featuring the Agnostics and Atheists Club of North High School, one of our campus affiliate groups. Reprinted with permission.


The Secular Student Alliance Logo

For more information, visit secularstudents.org.

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