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SSA Participates in Godless Americans March on Washington

The Secular Student Alliance was a proud participant in the Godless Americans March on Washington, which was held on Nov. 2, on the National Mall. August Brunsman IV, executive director of the SSA was one of the speakers at the event, which was taped by C-SPAN.

Brunsman spoke on behalf of the independent student freethought movement. He implored student activists and members of local atheist, freethought, humanist and secular groups to connect together in order to help create change on high school and college campuses across the country.

A complete text of Brunsman's remarks can be found here.

Media outlets, including the Washington Post and Washington Times, reported crowds of approximately 2,000 at the march. As the marchers made their way from the staging area by the Washington Monument to the stage near the U.S. Capitol, about 50 Christian demonstrators were lying in wait, and yelled to the marchers to repent of their sins. Many of the Christians stayed for the entire afternoon to protest the march.

Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheists and the Godless Americans March on Washington Task Force, announced the formation of a Godless Americans Political Action Committee. The formation of the Secular Coalition for America was also announced. The SSA is excited by the potential of both of these organizations and looks forward to supporting their efforts.

Visit the Godless Americans March on Washington Web site for more information about this successful event.
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