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Blag Hag Blogathon Success!


Blag HagJen McCreight is the author of Blag Hag, the ramblings of a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist girl trapped in the Midwest. On July 25th, she embarked on a 24-hour Blogathon to raise funds for the Secular Student Alliance.

July 26, 9:00am: I MADE IT
And the Blogathon is over! Ahahahaha, success! Not once did I fall asleep, and I'm sure I only humiliated myself a couple of times rather than constantly. And more importantly...

We raised $531.17 for the Secular Student Alliance! (It just keeps going up!)

Thanks to everyone who helped out: Everyone who donated money, PZ and Hemant and the SSA for spreading the word, my friends Mark and Vanessa for keeping me company and helping me with guest posts, and the commenters who helped keep me up with their wit and insights, especially Andre Vienne and Veritas, who were insane and wonderful enough to stay up all night and comment on every post.

But while my part of the Blogathon is over, yours isn't necessarily. You can still go here to pledge a donation to the SSA until Friday the 31st. Maybe you want to give a dollar for every post you loved. Maybe you want to give a few cents so we're not dealing with decimals anymore. Or maybe you just know someone who would enjoy one of the posts - spread the word, and maybe they'll consider pledging!

Thanks again, everyone! Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go sleep for a very long time.

Our thanks go to Jen for sacrificing sleep to help the SSA!

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