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Message Clarification Worksheet


This worksheet was prepared by Fred Edwords of the American Humanist Association. Thanks Fred!

In order to impart your message clearly and effectively, it is first necessary to clarify that message in your own mind. This worksheet will walk you through a careful analysis of what it is you really mean to say and why. And it will help you to say it better.

You can use this for a variety of things - a press release, a media appearance, an event, and more. It can be used once, or even several times, within a particular campaign.

What exactly is your message (the main idea) you are you trying to get across?

Now let's flesh that message out:







State the problem your message seeks to solve or resolve:

What benefits does your message offer or what results does it promise?

What is unique about your message?

What are some really stupid objections to your message?

What are your responses?

What are some really intelligent objections to your message?

What are your responses?

Restate your message briefly; keep it simple:

Restate your message in positive terms:

What is the best audience for this message (likely to be affected for the better)?

What are the best media for reaching this audience?

Who are the best spokespeople for representing your message?

What are your qualifications or experiences that make you a suitable spokesperson?

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