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The Secular Student Alliance Is Sending PZ Myers to the Creation Museum

PZ MyersAnyone who follows PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula knows how he feels about Ken Ham's infamous, biblically-literal Creation Museum. However, all his observations have been made from afar...until now!

At 10:00am on Friday, August 7, in conjunction with the 2009 SSA Conference, the Secular Student Alliance will be sponsoring PZ Myers to take a one day, in-person tour of the Creation Museum!

And you're invited to come along!

We'd love to see a large group of "quietly chortling, science-minded people" joining PZ at the Creation Museum. We have a special group rate of only $10.00 per attendee! (Group rate is for both students and non-students.) Bring your favorite OUT Campaign, atheist, skeptic, or SSA T-shirt and join in the fun!
Just to be clear, PZ will not be leading a tour. He's just coming to see the museum for himself. If you want to listen to PZ give a talk, you should register for our conference where PZ will be speaking on Saturday night.
We have been informed that Ken Ham will be in Washington State during our visit, alas.
Event Details
* Friday, August 7
* 10:00am - 3:00pm at the museum
* $10.00 per person if you are an SSA member and register here
* Wear an SSA shirt, OUT Campaign gear, or your favorite freethought T-shirt, or wear a colored armband.
Here is the Schedule for our shindig, as well as lunch options.
Be sure to check out the special events going on while we're there!
And a few notes about Etiquette and Safety at the museum. Don't just take our word for it: see PZ's note on behavior as well.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign up? To get the special $10 group rate, you must register using this form! We'll have your ticket for you at the door. If you do not register in advance, you will have to purchase your entry ticket at the regular price of $22 - so be sure to register now!

How do I get there?
We've set up a carpool system where you can look for people heading down to the museum and trade a few bucks of gas money for a ride. Go to www.rideshare.us and search for the event using lookup code "PZ2Creation" to find a carpool. If you're going and can offer a ride, head over there and post your ride so others can find you!
The directions between OSU and The Museum and back are here.
Remember that we will meet at the Museum at 10:00 am - please plan your travel accordingly and account for rush-hour traffic around Cincinnati.

What do I do about housing on Thursday night?
Unfortunately, we weren't able to get conference dorm rooms on Thursday night. However, we do have a number of student and nonstudent volunteers who are willing to host students on Thursday night so you can get up bright and early to head down to the museum! Let us know if you need a place to crash, and we'll find a sofa, guest bed, floor space, sleeping bag, hammock, or some other student-friendly accommodation! Just email jonathan.sussman@secularstudents.org, and we'll find you a place. We're sorry, but Thursday night housing is no longer available through the SSA!
Another option is to set up camp in a hotel close to the Museum. It is right by the border of Ohio and Kentucky, so you should be able to find a cheap hotel in Cincinnati, OH or nearby in KY. Splitting a $100 hotel room four ways is about the same rate as the conference housing.
Another option available is through the Sage Hospitality group of hotels and their "Give a day, get a night" program. If you can volunteer 8 hours of your time with a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (such as the SSA, the American Humanist Association, Camp Quest, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, or many others) between now and Aug 6, you will be eligible for a free night's stay at one of two participating hotels in Cincinnati, right near the Creation Museum. You'll need to have a letter on the organization's letterhead stating that you have completed your volunteer service. More details on the program are here.

Will I be able to make it to the SSA Conference on Friday evening? You bet. We'll be departing the museum around 3:00pm, which gives you plenty of time to drive through scenic southern Ohio, stop for dinner, and make it back to the Ohio State University in time for the conference, which starts at 7:00 p.m. (check out the conference schedule).
Can I go to the Creation Museum even though I'm not registered for the conference? Absolutely! Although they correlate nicely and we encourage conference attendees to come down to the museum with us, they are separate events and you can register for one of the other independently.
Is the Creation Museum entrance fee included in the conference registration? Unfortunately not. You will need to register for both events separately if you plan to join us at the museum.
I'm not sure I want to support the Creation Museum... We feel that the educational experience (culturally, not scientifically) is worth it. If you're feeling particularly conflicted about paying your entry fee, consider making a donation to the SSA to balance out your "karma." There is a donation option included in the registration form.
Creation Museum T-ShirtWhere do I get an awesome T-shirt to wear? The SSA has designed a semi-official Creation Museum shirt at CafePress, but it also doubles as a great shirt for Darwin Day, tabling events, and more. You can also get great gear from the OUT Campaign, including the Scarlet A pins and shirts. Our friends over at EvolveFISH have a wide range of T-shirts.

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