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RAFT Declares War on Truthiness


Colbert on TruthinessRAFT (Rationalists and Free Thinkers at the University of Illinois at Chicago) has found a prime directive: the War on Truthiness. If you are unfamiliar with the term, Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, invented the word in 2005 and it has since been instituted in dictionaries. "Truthiness" means "truth that comes from the gut, not from books." Therefore, RAFT has drafted a formal declaration of war on the concept.

Declaration of the War on Truthiness

The truth and truthiness have always been at war. Fight for the truth!

As the culture of a state moves forward, certain ideologies come to fruition that endanger the populace. When such ideologies surface it is the duty of the people to stand against them, to safeguard their future.

Truthiness, and the ideology implied therein, currently represents the most forthright threat to the culture and people of the United States. Those who would attempt to surrender rationality and reason for illogical fear mongering and nonsense that flows from their gut are indeed this nation's greatest enemy.

Truthiness ImageIt is in the face of this great enemy that the Rationalists and Freethinkers of the University of Illinois at Chicago formally and vehemently declare war upon truthiness, its principles and purveyors. Either one stands with us, or they stand with the enemy, spreading terror under the guise of truthiness. From this day forward, any person, organization or nation-state that continues to utilize or support truthiness will be regarded by R.A.F.T. as a hostile actor, worthy of the harshest repercussions.

Our enemy is bold. These totalitarian propagandists have influenced public opinion by spewing unverified and, in some cases, blatantly false information. They would have their own thrilling lies eclipse that which can be proven by science, reason and logic. The concept that information can and should be circulated with no regard to fact or reality, represents the ultimate epistemological breakdown and, in the opinion of R.A.F.T., the decisive ideological conflict of our time.

This will, undoubtedly, be a different kind of war, waged upon a different kind of enemy. Our enemy has no face, no homeland and cannot be deterred by conventional means of warfare. Therefore, our response will involve a great deal more than instant retaliation. The people cannot expect to extinguish this enemy with one battle. Rather, an unprecedented, lengthy campaign will be necessary. These measures, while intentionally undefined, are all essential to victory. This war extends beyond the borders of the United States, as do its ramifications. This war is waged for the wellbeing of the world and that of civilization, as humans have known it. We ask everyone to join us.

For this mission to be accomplished, two and two must cease to make up five and the people must question that which is fed to them by popular media. We will not forget this wound to our intellect nor those who inflicted it. We shall not yield; we shall not rest; we shall not relent in waging this war for the freedom of American thought. The truth and truthiness have always been at war, and we know that fact is not neutral between them. And for support to this declaration we mutually pledge our sacred honor.


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