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Group Running Library


The SSA has numerous resources to help you run your group. We add new articles and resources all the time, so check back to see what we add! The different links on this main page will take you to hubs with articles and resources about the topic. Enjoy!

Our Group Running Guide is built by group leaders, for group leaders. Be sure that your group has a copy available to you. The GRG also covers most of these topics in depth.

Questions or concerns? Let our Campus Organizing Team know!

SSA Table WestGroup Starting
Thinking of starting up a secular group? We have an awesome library to help you out right here!

New Leader Resources
Are you a new leader in a new, or existing, affiliate group? We have a great library of resources to prep you and get you up to speed here!

Group Management
Your one-stop guide for managing your members and meetings.

Group Promotion and Media Relations
Every group needs to promote themselves: it's essential to both keeping current members and recruiting new ones. Some groups also put on big events that will warrant additional contact with the media. Either way, this section is a must for your group!

Internet Presence
How to manage everything from QR codes to social media to websites.

Financial Management
Working through the maze of budgeting and financial laws at your school and in the wider movement. 

Event Planning
Resources to help you plan and organize an awesome event, from tabling to your very own conference.

Problem Solving
Having trouble with vandals? Can’t seem to get your group focused? We’ve got advice for all of that and more!

Group Leadership and Transitions
Our groups are so successful because of strong leaders organizing and maintaining their groups. These resources will help you cultivate and implement effect leadership strategies. 

The Secular MovementSSA West Group Photo
There are plenty of opportunities for you and your group to get more involved in the secular movement. We have some recommendations and suggestions!

SSA Programs
The national SSA provides various services to help your group succeed. This page provides a listing of our resources and links to services that can benefit your group. 

Is there a dead link? Another resource that you're looking for? Shoot us an email at organizer@secularstudents.org

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