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King's College - Pennsylvania

Students at King's College - Pennsylvania are working to start a secular group on their campus. We're looking for interested students, faculty and staff, and supporters to help!

FacebookIf you'd like to get involved, you can email the leaders at kings[AT]secularstudents[DOT]org. We have also created a Facebook Group about starting a group at King's College - Pennsylvania.

If you are a Kings College student, you can post on the college forums at http://communik.kings.edu/showthread.php?p=2462#post2462

The mission of the Kings College - Pennsylvania Secular Student Alliance:
Non-religious individuals are the most discriminated group in the United States. People often grossly misrepresent the positions of such individuals. Many people think non-religious individuals have no morals, no sense of right and wrong, are evil, selfish, and can not be trusted. These unfair statements lead to (for example) them being denied employment or being considered for public office.
People who have relinquished or questioned their beliefs have no outlet or group to be a part of.

Sensitive topics such as homosexuality, politics, science, religion, pre-marital sex, abortion, euthanasia, and AIDS are typically swept under the rug and never discussed. Emotions, feelings, ideas, and opinions are typically repressed within us and have never been publicly acceptable to discuss in an open forum.

It's time to change all of this.

We are an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance trying to start a group at King's College - Pennsylvania.

The mission of the Secular Student Alliance and this group is to organize, unite, educate, and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, human based ethics, and volunteerism.

Why should you join?
* Heighten your critical thinking, debate, and argumentation skills
* Learn about non-religious and religious views of this world
* Expand your mind and venture into new modes of thinking
* Offer your insights into certain issues that you are concerned with
* Make some friends who share or don't share your beliefs
* Learn about recent scientific discoveries and established fields
* Your mind is a terrible thing to waste

Our goals are to:
- Establish a home for non-religious individuals at King's College*

- Discuss topics with arguments based on scientific evidence, human-based ethics, logic, and reason.**

- Discuss sensitive modern-day issues that are important to college students, Americans, and residents of the 21st century without fear of discrimination or censure.**

- Understand what it means to be a non-believer and dispel rumors, prejudice, and myths regarding non-believers.

- Continuously educate ourselves with regard to new scientific discoveries as well as established fields such as evolution.

- Present a positive view of our club and philosophical/religious positions to the community.

- Establish positive relationships with other campus groups and coordinate events with College Diversity, Campus Ministry, Campus Activities, Socratic Club, and other possible groups to discuss educational and societal matters.

- Offer debates, educational workshops, guest speakers, movie showings, a book club, open discussion, and social gatherings for King's College students.

- Provide a positive and non-discriminatory outlet for people to question their beliefs and allow for people to speak about possible apprehension regarding faith or lack thereof.

- Work with the local community and King's College by participating in various volunteering and community service events.

- Keep an open mind and foster a yearning for knowledge!

*Everyone is welcome; we aren't excluding anyone. Religious people and non-religious people are all welcome. You need not join in the conversation if you feel, you may simply listen to what your fellow students have to say.

**We do not, though, allow intolerance. It's important to also understand that if we are critically evaluating claims, we aren't attacking a person who believes in a claim - we are criticizing the claim.

I will begin the official making of this club when the semester starts and do a great deal of promotion throughout the semester!

Justin Vacula will be the president and organizer of this club.

I will require some officers. If you are interested in a position of leadership (Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations) please send me a message. We will also discuss this at meetings.

To learn more about the SSA, check out their main website at www.secularstudents.org

This page was created because someone requested a Group Starting Packet from the Secular Student Alliance for King's College - Pennsylvania. Please feel free to contact us directly at organizer[AT]secularstudents[dot]org.
The mission of the Secular Student Alliance is to organize, unite, educate, and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human based ethics. The bulk of our efforts go into starting and supporting high school and college groups that choose to affiliate with us.
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