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Campus Group uses Bill Gates, Warren Buffett in 'Godless' Ads


The Illini Secular Student Alliance, along with other freethinking groups, just launched their own atheist bus ad campaign! Below is the press release they sent out:

Update! Check out the positive news coverage the ads have received!

Campus Group Launches Controversial "Good Without God" Bus Ad Campaign

URBANA, IL - Bill Gates is good without God, are you?

This is just one of the slogans used by the Illini Secular Student Alliance (ISSA), which unveiled its first ever bus ad campaign on Monday. In conjunction with another local group, the CU-Freethinkers, and the national nonprofit Secular Student Alliance, the group launched the campaign which will run for the entire month of November around the University of Illinois campus.

The ads highlight the philanthropy of two non-religious public figures, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Combined, these two men have donated tens of billions of dollars to charity. The two ads feature large black-and-white photos of Gates or Buffett, along with descriptions of each man's contributions. The pivotal phrase in each ad informs the viewer that each man is "Good without God," and asks them, "Are you?"

"People have this fundamental misconception today that godlessness and immorality are synonymous," said Mathew Rayman, ISSA vice president. "We want to show the community that secular people can be good, even great."

The group also hopes to foster community with this effort. "We want people around campus to know that we exist, and that there is a place for secular students to belong on campus," said Christina Douglas, ISSA's social chair.

The other stated goal of the campaign is to get people to think. "In this ad campaign, as in our day-to-day activities as a campus secular organization, we aim to set the gears of free thought in motion," explained ISSA President Ed Clint. "The point is to get people thinking... 'Have I unfairly equated faithfulness and virtuosity? What would be the moral ramifications of godlessness, if any?'"

ISSA plans to run more ads in the future.


The Illini Secular Student Alliance is a student organization at the University of Illinois dedicated to providing a supportive social network for nonbelievers, protecting the basic freedoms that all people should be afforded, and promoting rational skepticism in society. The ISSA Blog can be found here: http://uiucatheists.blogspot.com/

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