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Guidelines on having an information block in your web presence


If your group is just starting up, chances are that you will be looking into options for your group's web presence. We have a page to help you decide what kind of presence you will want to have, and that can be found here. This page is to help guide you on how to organize the information in limited information blocks on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

There are several things you would hopefully be able to have in an info space.
1. Contact information is the most important thing. Make sure there is an email address listed to contact your group.
2. If you have any other web presences, than links should be listed here
3. A short description of your group if possible
4. Include a list of the current semester's meeting times, dates, and subjects. (be sure to note any changes or differences between meetings)
5. Only if there is still room left over, a listing of your current officers, or at least the top two or three positions

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