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Group Starting Library


Welcome to the Group Starting Library!

If you would like to start a group with the Secular Student Alliance, please request a group starting packet. If you have already done this, please, read on!

So, you've decided that you'd like to start a group with the Secular Student Alliance. Starting a group can be one of the most rewarding things you'll do in your academic career. You'll learn how to be a leader, gain valuable organizing skills, and meet some of the best friends you'll ever have.

To make the group starting process as simple and smooth as possible, we've collected some of the most essential, helpful, and useful resources, services, and articles to help you. If you cannot find a resource or service here, have suggestions or concerns, or need one-on-one help, please feel free to contact our Group Starting Specialist at gsp@secularstudents.org.

Are you a need leader in a new, or existing, group? Check out this orientation page for new group leaders!

Good luck and we look forward to working with you!

Guides to a Successful Group Starting Experience:

When you request your group starting packet, you will receive a sheet that explains the basic steps on how to successfully start a group at your school. In the following articles, we have elaborated on that process and go further into detail on the steps to follow to successfully start a group on almost any campus. 

Starting a Group Successfully

How to Own Your Campus in One Week

Starting a Group at a Two-Year School

How to Focus Your Group:

Once your group has gotten off the ground a little, it's very helpful to focus your group's goals and mission. In these articles, we have written guides on steps and strategies you can use to focus your group. 

Four Focus Areas

Setting Goals

How to Write a Constitution, Bylaws, etc.:

Not everyone's favorite thing, but almost every university, college, and high school in the country require their groups to have a constitution, bylaws, mission statement, etc. Included here is our sample constitution, which you can feel free to use and edit for your own group, and an article on how to write and edit a constitution. 

Sample Constitution

Constitutions and Bylaws

How to present your group for approval

Many schools require registered student organizations to demonstrate that they are valuable assets to the students and atmosphere of the campus. This article will help you present to the relevant persons the benefits of a secular student group to the student body and the school in general.


How to Find an Advisor

How to Present Your Group to a Potential Advisor - High School Resource

Group Starting Requirements

How to Advertise:

One of the most important things you need to take advantage of when starting a group is advertising. The following articles will help you come up with an advertising strategy that will get your group great recognition on your campus.

How to Advertise for Your Group

Getting People to Meetings

Group Forming Sample Press Release


Tabling is an important strategy new groups can use to grow their membership, get recognition on campus, raise funds, and much more. Included here are resources and articles on tabling and how to use it your group's advantage.

Also included here is information on tabling supplies and our Student Memberships.


Awareness Tabling

Printable Tabling Supplies

Tabling Supplies

Student Membership for individuals (Free!) 

Free Student Membership for groups (Free!) 

How to Use the SSA Name for Your Group:

Want to use the SSA name and logo for your group? You need to read this before you do!

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