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Group Forming Sample Press Release


When your group has first formed, it's a great idea to send out a press release letting the media know you exist! To make it easier for you, we've drafted a sample fill-in-the-blank press release for you.

If you are interested in learning more about press releases, please check out our very comprehensive press release resource. Any specific questions or requests for media contacts should be directed to our communications team at communications@secularstudents.org.


RELEASE: Atheist Students Organize at Generic University

For Immediate Release
Contact: [Jane Student] (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Atheist Generic Students Form Secular Alliance

CITY, ST - Atheist students at Generic University are banding together to form a campus group without God.

"[Secular Student Alliance at Generic University] has 17 groups for religious students, but none for nonbelievers. That is going to change," says [Student Name], president of the fledgling club.

[Name] registered the [Secular Student Alliance at Generic University] as an official student organization on [date]. It is the first specifically non-theist group to exist on [University]'s campus, with goals including education, community service, political activism and social community for its members. [Name] says the group will provide a haven for those students who feel isolated by their lack of belief in a higher being.

"Religious students have some kind of support community that comes with their belief, through a church or temple or similar group. We hope to provide that support for atheists on [University]'s campus," said [Name].

There are 24 members currently active in the group, and [Name] says she receives more inquiries almost every day.

"There are definitely atheists out there. I look forward to showing [Generic University] and [Generictown] that we are here, and that we are perfectly good, normal people even though we don't believe in a god," said [Second Name], a third-year philosophy major and vice-president of [SSA at Generic University].

[SSA at Generic University] is an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance, a network of over 300 groups at high school and college campuses. The Secular Student Alliance is an organization that empowers secular students to proudly express their identity, build welcoming communities, promote secular values, and set a course for lifelong activism. 

Major attributes the group's rapid growth and success in part to help from the Secular Student Alliance. "They sent us flyers, a Group Running Guide, and a bunch of materials to help get our group started. It's made a huge difference," [Second Name] said.

[Group Name] meets every [day of the week group meets] at [time group meets] in [room group meets]. More information can be found at [group website] and [facebook link] as well as [group twitter link, if applicable]. For more information about the Secular Student Alliance, visit http://secularstudents.org.


For more information contact:

[Contact Name]
[Your Title & Group Name]
[Email Address to Contact]
[Phone Number]


Where Should I Send the Press Release?

We recommend checking the staff section of your student newspaper and choosing writers who cover religion and campus events. Browse through recent articles to see who writes about controversial campus events. Send an email and include the full text in your email, with a catchy subject line. You should alert the media a couple weeks before you put up your display, as well as just a few days before. 

If you have any questions about press releases or are in need of a list of media contacts in your area, feel free to contact us as communications@secularstudents.org

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