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Open Letter to the GOP & DNC Platform Committees


To the Delegates for the Party Platform,

We are students and alumni across the United States that support secular values. According to Pew Charitable trusts, millennials are the most secular generation to reach adulthood since religious identification has been tracked.

We are requesting that you keep your party platform secular by removing references to God, on behalf of the millions of secular Americans that share our values. We would like to see your party become inclusive to the growing secular community who are alienated by religiously exclusive language.

Our nation was the first modern secular democracy, founded with principles based on American Enlightenment ideals. We ask that you hold true to these principles by relying upon reason, history, tradition, compassion, science, and philosophy to guide and inform your party’s platform.

We urge you to consider the wisdom of the Framers of the United States Constitution, who gave us a Republic. Let us keep it godless.

Thank you for your consideration.

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