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Community Building and Social Events


One of the most important purposes of an SSA affiliate group is to be a safe space for non-theists. The broader community is not always welcoming to nontheists, and the process of “coming out” can be very difficult, especially if families, romantic partners, or close friends are very religious. Therefore, it’s important to us that non-theists—and theists with doubts—have a community where they can feel safe and free from judgment, and know they can express their doubts and ask questions.

While this part of the focus area is internal, there is also an external aspect of this focus area: engaging with the larger community. This is done through cooperating with other organizations, participating in interfaith programs, getting involved in student government, and so on. It may even take place on a larger scale, including cooperation with nearby SSA affiliate groups or the national secular movement. Social events can be as simple as an occasional evening out, or can become regular events.

If you need a more in-depth look at fostering community within your group, read our Community Building resource.

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