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Join me in supporting the Secular Student Alliance!

This is Phil Ferguson's campaign page to help raise funds for the Secular Student Alliance! The SSA has had additional stress on its funds because of the dual pressures of Reason Rally and the SSA Annual Conference. Let's make sure the SSA can continue empowering secular students!
Goal $ 1,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1,430.00 raised
$ 50.00
$ 50.00
Dr. Preston
$ 240.00
$ 35.00
$ 500.00
$ 120.00
Phil Duncan
$ 100.00
Lee Frinzi
$ 50.00
Hi, my name is Phil Ferguson, and I'm a volunteer for the Secular Student Alliance! The Secular Student Alliance is incredibly lucky to work with so many amazing secular students. I'm constantly impressed with the passion and courage of our activists. They come from a diverse background and their secular values move them to champion a wide range of causes. Their stories are worth sharing and supporting. It takes a lot of work to support secular students and run the SSA's programs. I need your help to make it all happen. I’ve set an audacious goal of $1,000. Join me in ensuring a secular future for all of us!
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