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A Million Gods invokes Lakshmi!

Since Lakshmi is one of the gods I do not believe in, I am not praying to her in order to grant The Secular Student Alliance Money. Instead I am relying on you, the readers to fork over your ill gotten moolah to fund these fine people.
Goal $ 500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 515.00 raised
$ 50.00
As a lazy overpaid IT worker your description of a typical working day shamed me into donating
Liz Ditz
$ 35.00
Thanks to Avicenna for all he does
$ 10.00
$ 10.00
I'm on a donating kick! Not a lot, I know, but I want to help.
$ 10.00
Just thought I'd round it up, and more :)
I had a secular education growing up and wish other kids had the same thing. So donate! And suggest forfeits!
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