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Daylight Atheism AMA for SSA Week

The SSA is the most important group working to energize, connect and train the next generation of secular activists. I'm supporting them and you should be too.
Charles Puglisi
$ 35.00
If we want the atheist movement to be a success, it's vital that we identify, train and support the young nonbelievers who will be our future leaders and activists. The SSA does all that and more, and they do it on a shoestring budget that puts on-campus religious organizations to shame. If we want to continue this blockbuster growth, we need money and resources to build the infrastructure that makes it possible. That's where we come in! Your support will help the SSA thrive, and Daylight Atheism is doing a Reddit-style Ask Me Anything campaign as a special bonus for donors. See my blog for details!
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