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Secular Student Alliance Membership - Join or Renew!

Student? Non-Student? Either way, join the SSA!

Becoming a Member of the Secular Student Alliance is safe and easy. Support from dedicated individuals like you makes the work we do possible. The students can't fuel the movement all alone. They need your help. Support the Secular Student Alliance - empower these students to build a secular future!

The Secular Student Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so donations are tax deductible.

Membership to the SSA is free for students: if you are a student, sign up here.

Have any questions about supporting the SSA? Visit our FAQ!

Join the Secular Student Alliance

If you would like to become a Member of the Secular Student Alliance, select a level below! If not, select "No thank you" and enter an amount in the "Additional Contribution" box!

All Memberships last for one year and allow you to vote and run for the SSA's Board of Directors! Diamond Membership lasts your lifetime.

If you are using PayPal, you cannot select the auto-renew option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The total amount of your gift is tax deductible in the United States.

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