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Secular Student Alliance Branded Affiliates Program


Becoming a branded affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance can be very beneficial to your secular student group for many reasons, as detailed here. Do you have any questions as you read this page and consider your group’s name? Let us know and we can help!

Is your affiliate group at a law school? We have a resource for Secular Legal Society branding as well.

What Your Group Gains:What Your Group Loses:
  • Harness the power of an existing, nationally known, brand

  • A professional brand and logo (which you can also customize for your group)

  • Extra, special supplies only available to branded affiliate groups

  • Closer relationships to other SSA-branded affiliate groups around the nation and easier networking opportunities

  • Eligibility to attain a more beneficial 501(c)(3) tax exempt status through SSA national

  • A big-tent brand, that is seen as welcoming to all non-religious students, as well as to theistic allies
  • You are unable to use any other branding or acronyms different than the standard SSA branding

  • You cannot create a fully original group logo, but must base it on the existing SSA logo

What Your Group Doesn't Lose:
  • No exclusivity - you are welcome to maintain all ties and relationships with other organizations with no special limitations (in fact, we encourage it!)

Here's What You Have to do to Become a Branded Affiliate:

  1. Your group must be a current affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance.

  2. Decide on your group's new name. You can choose to use either "Secular Student Alliance at YOUR CAMPUS" or "YOUR CAMPUS Secular Student Alliance".

    • If there is something special required by your campus, let us know and we can work with you on that.

    • If you’d prefer to keep your current name but still become branded, you may want to consider using the subtitle "An Affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance" after your existing group name.

  3. Check out the requirements for using SSA branding.

    • Beyond agreeing to the Minimum Standards of Affiliation, which all affiliate groups already have to do, there are very few additional requirements.

    • You must use your campus name in your group's name (SSA at CAMPUS, CAMPUS SSA) at all times and in all places. This is to avoid confusion between your group and SSA national, or with other branded affiliate groups.

    • The SSA logo, or a customized version of it, should always be used as the logo of your group.

    • And that's it! If you have any specific questions, you check out the FAQ or contact us.

  4. Fill out the name use agreement and you’re all set!

    • Check out our rebranding guide for support and ideas as you go through the process!

Become a Branded Affiliate Now!

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