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A Secular Public High School Student’s Bill Of Rights

You have the right:

  1. To an educational environment free of religious proselytizing, promotion, or bias from school employees.
  2. To be free of school-sponsored religious rituals, including prayer, at school functions, whether conducted by staff, students, or outsiders.
  3. To free speech on campus, in accordance with school policies that apply equally to all students.
  4. To form a secular student group, such as a Secular Student Alliance, if your school allows extra-curricular student groups.
  5. To organize your student group without intimidation, undue interference and burdens, or requirements unique to your group.
  6. To affiliate with a national organization like the national Secular Student Alliance.
  7. To be treated the same as all other student groups regarding advertising, publicity, funding, programming, and all other privileges and activities.
  8. To have the administration evaluate you or your group based upon your actions and intended actions; not fear, prejudice, or how others might respond to those actions.
  9. To complain to your school or contact the media about violations of any of these rights.
  10. to seek legal recourse, including from national groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, if your school violates any of these rights.

The Secular Public High School Student's Bill of Rights was created through the joint efforts of the Secular Student Alliance and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  We are grateful for their assistance as partners in protecting the rights of secular students!

You can download graphical copies of the Bill of Rights (one on parchment, one on a white background) below.

Click on any of the rights below to get more explanation about the rights, as well as understand common violations of these rights.

Contact the Secular Student Alliance or the Freedom From Religion Foundation if you think your rights may have been violated!

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