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For Alumni


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Congrats! You made it!

Perhaps it was the first time you found a group of secular students tabling on the quad. Or maybe it was the road trip to your first conference. Maybe it was starting a group blog, working together to bring Dan Barker to campus, or that spring break service trip.

alumni selfie 2015 annual con
Alumni at the SSA 2015
Annual Conference

Somewhere during college you became connected with a group of like-minded people.

You became part of the Secular Student Alliance.

When you graduate, this experience doesn’t end. As one of the SSA’s alumni, you are a part of a large network of graduates from campus groups across the country.

We’re still here for you. We can help you stay connected with your peers and connect you to the off-campus movement, wherever life may take you.

You have many options available to you as a recent graduate, check out some ideas on how to stay involved beyond graduation!

And with your help we will make sure your experience is available to future students.

Stay Connected! 

Stay Connected

Stay Involved

Stay Involved

 Find Community

Find Community

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