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Helping Out as an Alum


Going to be around your old group after graduation? Want to support a Secular Student Alliance college or high school affiliate in your new city?

Support the New Leadership

In a perfect world, leadership transitions happen smoothly. But things don't always go according to plan. We encourage former leaders to remain available, either in person or remotely, to assist with any unforeseen problems and provide advice for the new leaders. Ensure that new leaders have contact information for former leaders, and make reasonable efforts to help when necessary.

SSA affiliate alums are often the first to notice if things aren’t going so well for their alma mater group. Be supportive, help where you can, and encourage the new leadership to get in touch with us.

Contribute Financially

If you’re able to, consider one of the following was to financially support your alma mater group or an SSA affiliate near you:

  • Bring pizza (or cookies) for the first or last meeting of the school year
  • Gift them some cool SSA swag
  • Help offset the cost of a speaker or other large event
  • Work with the leadership to see if there’s specific help they need

Get Involved with an Off-Campus Group

Be the liaison to a campus group from an off-campus group. Former SSA affiliate members are in a great position to advocate for cooperation between campus and off-campus groups. Off-campus groups can be a source of support and stability for campus groups.

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