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Join the Secular Student Alliance!


Fill out my online form.

To begin the process of starting a new group (or joining SSA as an existing group), please submit the above form. Afterward, check out our New Group Leader Guide to learn how to get your group off to a strong start at your campus!

There are two tiers of SSA affiliation. Any high school or college group, in the US or abroad, may be an SSA Affiliate. However, SSA Chapter status is reserved for college-level groups in the US. International groups are not eligible for SSA financial support or supplies; however, they are still invited to affiliate to receive other benefits of SSA affiliation.

If your group is currently an Affiliate and wants to become a Chapter, what does this mean to you?
The only additional requirement to becpme an SSA Chapter is to provide a group membership roster to SSA National twice a year. Doing so will bestow SSA National membership to your group's members absolutely free.

Find out if your group is an SSA affiliate or chapter.

Why Be an SSA Affiliate?

Why Be an SSA Chapter?

Unlimited access to online resources Unlimited access to online resources
Eligible to use SSA branding Eligible to use SSA branding, with all benefits
Online listing with SSA National to help the world find your group Online listing with SSA National to help the world find your group
Access to the SSA Speakers Bureau Exclusive access to some SSA services, such as custom business cards, physical copies of our Group Running Guide, and more.
Limited access to Project Grants and Speakers Bureau Funding Access to additional financial support in Speakers Bureau Funding and Project Grants
One order of tabling supplies semesterly for use in activity fairs or similar events Unlimited tabling supplies as your group needs them
Access to SSA Con Travel Aid and discounted SSA Con registration Access to additional SSA Con Travel Aid
Hands-on help and support from your dedicated SSA Campus Organizers
Hands-on support with media, such as writing press releases or letters to the editor
Eligible to request a physical copy of our Group Running Guide
Access to the growing SSA Film Lending Library
Eligible to share SSA National's 501c.3 tax-exempt status (with application)
  All group members listed in your group’s roster will be automatically given an SSA student membership (including eligibility for scholarships, the SSA web store, and more)
And so much more!

Download a more detailed breakdown of affiliate and chapter benefits and an FAQ.

To become an SSA affiliate, your group must:

To become an SSA chapter, your group must also:

Submit a group membership roster, of at least five students, twice a year in Affiliation Renewals
Have at least one public-facing web presence (facebook page or group, etc.) and a group email address Use SSA Branding if your group is formed after 7/1/2017
Agree to renew your affiliation each semester via the Affiliation Renewal

If your new group doesn't meet one or more of these items, please contact us for help. We can work with your group to become eligible for affiliation!

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