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Experienced Groups


These guidelines help us measure the "experience" level of a group. Certain SSA services - most notably, some speakers on our Speakers Bureau - are only available to experienced groups. We prefer that groups meet these criteria to be eligible for those services, but in some cases we are able to make exceptions, so don't be afraid to ask us if you're not sure you meet all the criteria.

1. Group must have been an SSA affiliate for at least a year prior to the event.

2. Group must have a healthy history of working with the SSA:

a. Group has used at least three SSA services over the past two years and has submitted required paperwork for all previous events.

b. Group must be up to date on affiliation renewals

3. Group must have a healthy history of working with their university to get funding.

a. If the SSA staffer handling your request is unfamiliar with your group, we may ask for details on how you have handled University funds in the past, or documentation showing that you have already secured funds for this event.

4. Group must be able to provide examples of past big events and/or speakers

a. Again, if the SSA staffer handling the request is unfamiliar with your group, we'll ask for details.

5. Group must be able to show that they have access to available funds to cover all expenses, and be able to advertise effectively.

a. We will likely ask you to provide a tentative publicity and funding plan for the event.

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