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Activity Packets

This series of activity packets is designed for several purposes:

  1. To break down and simplify the steps to activities to make them more manageable, and to give you a better idea of how and what you're doing. Groups, especially new groups, are sometimes intimidated by the task of putting on an event. Flying blind into the intricacies of a soul auction or a protest rally is no fun. 

  2. To clue you into the wide variety of things to do; you don't have to continuously oscillate between speaker, tabling, and discussions. While these packets cover some of the most common activities, they really only scratch the surface of what's possible. We highly encourage you to use these activities as branching-off points, as spurs to even more creative and exciting possibilities.

  3. To facilitate intergroup, even intergenerational, collaboration and sharing. These packets are a result of various groups and group leaders over the years who have shared their knowledge and experience with us in order to help other SSA affiliates be awesome. The most creative and fun events come from you, the students. You all are an endless font of excitement and creativity that keeps the movement going.

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Looking for help planning out your year's events? Check out the Speaker Event Planning Guide and our Annual Planning Calendar.

We recommend finding a balance among four focus areas (CASE). Use the buttons to go straight to activities within those areas.

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