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This Week

Weekly news, emails, and group-running articles for student leaders. Check in every week for new postings!

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4 weeks until SSA Con! Some last minute things for you :: This Week

During SSA Con, we do everything we can to make the entire weekend as fun, safe, and accommodating an experience as we can. That’s why we have a set of SSA Con policies for the protection of our attendees and continued good standing with our host site. Please review our Code of Conduct and help ensure that no one has a bad time.
As soon as people arrive at SSA Con and check in at The Ohio State Student Union, we always get this question: “so where are the dorms?” Park-Stradley Hall. Look it up, and save it on your phone. However, you check in at the desk at Smith-Steeb Hall starting at 3pm on Friday. If you are arriving Thursday, and have paid for the extra night, then you may check in on Thursday after 3 PM. There are provided sheets, towels, and a pillow, but you can bring extra if you want.
How do I get my travel aid check? Will t-shirts be on sale? How does parking work? Quick answers: At the SSA Table on Sunday! Yes, but you should pre-order one during registration! There is a garage by the Union or meters on the street! For all your other questions, check out our SSA Con Frequently Asked Questions!

Everyone at the Reason Rally!!

"There were so many students who came up to me raving about the Secular Student Alliance. That really showed me how important having these groups are, and their power to bring strangers together and form lasting bonds! I was continually impressed by their stories, and was glad the Rally gave them an opportunity to come together!"

Lyz Liddell, Reason Rally Executive Director

We saw so many students at the Reason Rally! Some even came from as far away as California! Not only were we amazed at how many showed up, by how many were there as an SSA group! Each student there embodied the spirit of the Reason Rally, and your stories from throughout the year impressed every person that stopped by our table for a free goodie bag. If you attended the Reason Rally, let us know about your experience!

Tell us about the Reason Rally! :: This Week


We want to hear about your Reason Rally experience! Tell us how you got there, what you did, and what you took away from the weekend!

  • Who was your favorite speaker?
  • Did you encounter any preachers?
  • Did you do Advocacy Day?
  • Did you make any connections?

Send us your Reason Rally stories and pictures by submitting a Brag It Up today!


In honor of the Reason Rally, we've extended SSA Con Early Bird Registration! Until June 10, the rate is still $39 for individual students, and $125 group registration (that's $25 per person). That means you only have until the end of this week to register yourself or your group for the discounted price! REGISTER TODAY!

Something old, somethings new :: This Week

We’ve always had a few workshops at SSA Con, but now we’ve got more than ever! We want to give you the practical tools to be a better leader, and a better human. If you’re coming as a group, send members to each one so that you can bring the whole experience back to your campus! Take a look at all the workshops we’re offering to see which ones you want to attend!
For the first time ever, SSA Con will have a poster sharing session! This is an opportunity for groups to show off their creativity, highlight their ideas, and see what other affiliates have been doing! Groups that are driving to SSA Con are more than welcome to bring their own pre-made posters. For those traveling by air, we’ll be providing 22 x 28 white poster board, and some basic artistic supplies, since we know it’d be hard to take a poster past airport security. We can’t print anything during SSA Con, but we can print group pictures ahead of time to add to your poster if you provide them by June 30.
We want your blood. Well, the Red Cross does. When you register for SSA Con, make an appointment to donate some blood on Friday afternoon. This is a chance to do some good right before the main event, benefiting up to 3 lives for your one pint. Check out our SSA Con Blood Drive page to see if you're eligible, and what you should do to prepare.

You’ve got less than 2 weeks to go! :: This Week

Early Bird registration for SSA Con ends June 1! Right now, it’s just $39 for student registration, or $125 for a group of five (if you didn’t do the math, that’s $25 per person). You’ll still be able to register after the deadline, but it’ll cost your group that much more. Don’t forget to select one of the Student Packages so that you can include your dorm room, or t-shirts as well with the Plus Package! Register for SSA Con today!
Okay, so now that you’ve registered for SSA Con, you’ve got to get out to Columbus, OH by July 8. Whether you’re driving or flying, you should apply for Leadership Travel Aid! We can help offset the costs of getting out here by reimbursing up to $400 for individuals, or up to $600 for groups! But you have to apply by May 31!
Awesome, so you’ve registered, and you’ve been approved for LTA so you know you can get to SSA Con. That’s everything you need to do right? WRONG! Join the Facebook event and get a start on networking! SSA Con isn’t just about the sessions, it’s about the people you meet, and the connections you forge.

Secular Student Alliance at Georgia Southern University!

"This was a good opportunity to hear the arguments, issues, and experiences of a well spoken trans person. It inspired personal growth for me, but also for many other attendees."

Don Armel, Advisor

The SSA at GSU (also known as Blue Truth) invited Callie Wright, host of the Gaytheist Manifesto podcast and blog, to speak on the intersectionality of atheism and LBGT issues. The group put on the event with the school’s Gay Straight Alliance, but had many from attendees outside the groups, including counselors, counseling students, and members of the Multicultural Programs. The Q&A was praised by Callie as one of the best she has had from a presentation. Callie is now on the SSA Speaker Bureau, and is a great person to have speak about LGBTQ activism, support, and rights.


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