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This Week

Weekly news, emails, and group-running articles for student leaders. Check in every week for new postings!

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Tell us about the Reason Rally! :: This Week


We want to hear about your Reason Rally experience! Tell us how you got there, what you did, and what you took away from the weekend!

  • Who was your favorite speaker?
  • Did you encounter any preachers?
  • Did you do Advocacy Day?
  • Did you make any connections?

Send us your Reason Rally stories and pictures by submitting a Brag It Up today!


In honor of the Reason Rally, we've extended SSA Con Early Bird Registration! Until June 10, the rate is still $39 for individual students, and $125 group registration (that's $25 per person). That means you only have until the end of this week to register yourself or your group for the discounted price! REGISTER TODAY!

Something old, somethings new :: This Week

We’ve always had a few workshops at SSA Con, but now we’ve got more than ever! We want to give you the practical tools to be a better leader, and a better human. If you’re coming as a group, send members to each one so that you can bring the whole experience back to your campus! Take a look at all the workshops we’re offering to see which ones you want to attend!
For the first time ever, SSA Con will have a poster sharing session! This is an opportunity for groups to show off their creativity, highlight their ideas, and see what other affiliates have been doing! Groups that are driving to SSA Con are more than welcome to bring their own pre-made posters. For those traveling by air, we’ll be providing 22 x 28 white poster board, and some basic artistic supplies, since we know it’d be hard to take a poster past airport security. We can’t print anything during SSA Con, but we can print group pictures ahead of time to add to your poster if you provide them by June 30.
We want your blood. Well, the Red Cross does. When you register for SSA Con, make an appointment to donate some blood on Friday afternoon. This is a chance to do some good right before the main event, benefiting up to 3 lives for your one pint. Check out our SSA Con Blood Drive page to see if you're eligible, and what you should do to prepare.

You’ve got less than 2 weeks to go! :: This Week

Early Bird registration for SSA Con ends June 1! Right now, it’s just $39 for student registration, or $125 for a group of five (if you didn’t do the math, that’s $25 per person). You’ll still be able to register after the deadline, but it’ll cost your group that much more. Don’t forget to select one of the Student Packages so that you can include your dorm room, or t-shirts as well with the Plus Package! Register for SSA Con today!
Okay, so now that you’ve registered for SSA Con, you’ve got to get out to Columbus, OH by July 8. Whether you’re driving or flying, you should apply for Leadership Travel Aid! We can help offset the costs of getting out here by reimbursing up to $400 for individuals, or up to $600 for groups! But you have to apply by May 31!
Awesome, so you’ve registered, and you’ve been approved for LTA so you know you can get to SSA Con. That’s everything you need to do right? WRONG! Join the Facebook event and get a start on networking! SSA Con isn’t just about the sessions, it’s about the people you meet, and the connections you forge.

Secular Student Alliance at Georgia Southern University!

"This was a good opportunity to hear the arguments, issues, and experiences of a well spoken trans person. It inspired personal growth for me, but also for many other attendees."

Don Armel, Advisor

The SSA at GSU (also known as Blue Truth) invited Callie Wright, host of the Gaytheist Manifesto podcast and blog, to speak on the intersectionality of atheism and LBGT issues. The group put on the event with the school’s Gay Straight Alliance, but had many from attendees outside the groups, including counselors, counseling students, and members of the Multicultural Programs. The Q&A was praised by Callie as one of the best she has had from a presentation. Callie is now on the SSA Speaker Bureau, and is a great person to have speak about LGBTQ activism, support, and rights.

Everything you need for the Reason Rally :: This Week


Going to the Reason Rally? Still need the details? Then keep this email handy!

When and Where: June 4 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC from 10 am to 7 pm. The nearest metrostations are Smithsonian, located on the Silver, Blue, or Orange lines, or L’Enfant Plaza on the Yellow and Green lines.
Meet SSA Staff at our exhibitor table and pick up a goodie bag in the morning. Supplies are limited! First come, first serve. We’ll also be going around the event for photo ops and to sign people up for SSA Free Student Memberships. Look out for our green conference shirts!
Yes, the Reason Rally has an App, available on both Android and iPhone devices. Download it before the event, because there’s going to be little to no wireless coverage at the Rally. However, the app does work offline after downloading.
If you’re in the Northeast of the country, the Reason Rally has its own buses to bring people to and from the event. The travel time will be longer, but even from the furthest location it’s still cheaper than a plane ticket.
There are still discounted rooms available at the Crystal Gateway Marriott and Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, VA. Make your reservations soon!
The day of June 4 looks to be a sunny 75, but check closer to the day to bring appropriate clothes. The Reason Rally recommends you bring your own lunch and non-alcoholic beverages (especially water). Be prepared to carry any bags or backpacks you bring, including items you pick up at the exhibitor tent. YOU CAN BRING SIGNS! Let’s keep them positive though, okay? Finally, do some good without god by bringing a canned food item by the Foundation Beyond Belief table to benefit DC Central Kitchen! They’ll also be accepting gift cards (e.g. Subway) as well.
Advocacy Day pricing has been drastically reduced to $20 each day or $35 for both days. There are meetings scheduled with every single one of the 535 congressional offices, giving you the perfect opportunity to lobby with your own (or other) legislators for evidence-based sex education.
If you had your officer elections after the SSA Affiliation Renewal, send us your current officers info with our Leadership Update form. We’ll change our SSA email forward to the right people. Otherwise, your old leaders will keep getting contacted by us until the next renewal on October 8, 2016!

Secular Student Alliance at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire!

"I really love the togetherness I experienced during this; we were surrounded by so many other organizations and it was just a lot of fun and a great promotional event."

Lisa Krawczyk, Executive Director

SSA at Eau Claire cheered on runners at the Eau Claire Marathon for the Blugold Mile! They gave out water balloons to the passing runners, some of which threw them at the crowd, while others popped them on themselves! They also held up a handmade sign reading "Cross that Noodley finish line" with the Flying Spaghetti Monster and helped decorate the finish line. This was a great event for the whole group, and they got great feedback from fellow orgs, like Greek Life and their campuses Ministry of Magic (no really)!


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