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SSA Scholarships for Student Activists


SSA Scholarships will return after SSA Con 2017 on August 1! Find about our 2016 winners or look at other scholarship opportunities!

The Secular Student Alliance is proud to offer four $2,500 and five $1,000 open scholarships for individual secular student activists! Any current SSA student member enrolled full-time in a United States university, college, or equivalent program (including graduate programs) is welcome to apply! One of the $1,000 scholarships is reserved specifically for students attending a Historically Black College or University

The Humanists of Sarasota Bay have also offered an additional $1,000 regional scholarship for a full-time, undergraduate student in the area of Sarasota or Bradenton. Students located in Tampa, Ft. Myers, or Orlando may also apply. The winning student will be highly encouraged to make an appearance at the HSB Darwin Day luncheon celebration, Saturday, February 18, in Sarasota at 11:30 am-2 pm (food and travel expenses will be covered, and lodging can be worked out). Please complete the scholarship form as usual. Your application will be automatically considered based on the address and school information you provide.

Secular Student Alliance scholarships are intended to further empower recipients to participate in secular activism during their academic career. We are interested in students with creative activism plans, ambitious goals, or compelling stories.

So what do we mean by 'activism'? To us, activism is any activity that spreads secular values and normalizes secular identity through structured organizing. While activism can include large-scale projects like spreading the word on social issues, education issues, community building, and similar projects, it can also consist of more personal actions like being visibly secular within your community and campus. These actions have an impact, and so we want to encourage this activism!

Applications open September 1. You must apply by September 30. Winners will be notified by email by October 31, as well as announced publicly, and receive a check to the provided address shortly after. Please note that if you have concerns with being publicly identified as secular, you can let us know on the application - it won’t disqualify you from the process.

Applications are now closed.


The following questions are the same as those on the application so that you may prepare your responses prior to accessing the form. The more specific and detailed information you can give us, the better we can evaluate your application. Let us know if you have any questions.

View past scholarship winners.

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