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Topic Suggestions for Law Groups


This list contains suggested topics that law school affiliates can use for discussions, debates, speakers, etc. If you'd like to suggest a topic for the list, please email us and we'd be glad to add it.


  • How does your nonbelief influence your opinions of U.S. law?
  • In the office and out of the closet: is it becoming more acceptable for out atheists to hold public office? 
  • When, if ever, should you disclose your nonbelief to a professor, potential employer, etc.?
  • Is nonbelief a protected class under the law? Should it be?
  • Are there exceptions to the Establishment Clause?
  • Oaths: is it OK for the state to include "so help me God"? If not, how should we remove the popular phrase?
  • Does nonbelief make a witness less credible? Rule of Evidence 610 does not forbid all references to religious belief, and refusing to say "so help me God" indicates non-theism. 
  • Do secularism and social justice go hand in hand?
  • How to bring secular issues to the attention of legistlators. Check out this Model Secular Policy Guide for Legislatures.


You may want to share these videos with members or watch them together and have a discussion.

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