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Secular Legal Society Branded Affiliates Program


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What Your Group Gets
Why Change Your Group's Name?

How to Participate
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Becoming a branded affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance helps your group grow, helps the Secular Student Alliance national offices grow, and helps the entire secular movement.

Becoming a branded affiliate involves naming your group the Secular Legal Society, as described below, and using the SLS logo to represent your group. If you're a new group, it means you get an easy way to choose a name and you don't have to design your own logo! For existing groups, changing your group's name is usually very easy, and you have access to a professional, recognized logo.

It is our goal that more groups using the same name will increase visibility and recognition of secular student groups across the country. It helps people to recognize our organization locally and nationally, connects your group to an existing network including many other student groups, and creates momentum for the freethought movement at large.

What Your Group Gets:

  • Support from and to other groups who share the name
  • Brochures, business cards, and other swag (as available) - branded for your group
  • No exclusivity - you are welcome to maintain all ties with other organizations (in fact, we encourage it!)

Why Change Your Group's Name?

  • It helps the entire movement!
  • Helps your group through greater name recognition
  • Helps other groups through building the name recognition
  • Name recognition helps the Secular Student Alliance as a whole, which increases our ability to help your group in terms of grants, speakers, opportunities, and other support.

Here's what you have to do to become a branded affiliate:
1. Your group must be an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance. If your group is not yet affiliated, you can join at http://www.secularstudents.org/joinNew Group? If you're just getting started and want to use the SLS name as you get things going, you can file a Name Use Agreement to gain permission to use the SSA name and logo while forming.  

2. Change the name of your group to "Secular Legal Society at YOUR CAMPUS". See details below.

3. Apply to become a branded affiliate at our handy webform. You will be asked to electronically agree to the Secular Student Alliance Name Use Agreement and to provide some information about your group.

The Details
 All branded affiliates are required to provide a link to www.secularstudents.org on their website. This link should ideally use an image of the SLS logo and be on the front page of the website above the fold. For groups that use Facebook groups, a link in the Group Description or Recent News section is ideal.


Is this agreement forever?
No. Either your group or the Secular Student Alliance can end the agreement at any time for any reason. Do realize that if our agreement ends, we strongly recommend that you change your group name to something that does not involve "Secular Legal Society."

Will the Secular Student Alliance have control of my group?
Absolutely not! Even if we wanted to (which we don't!), there is no way we could micromanage even a fraction of our affiliate groups. Your group will be completely autonomous - as our affiliates always have been.

Will you be phasing out benefits to groups that don't use your name?
Again, absolutely not! We have no intention of dropping any support to any of our affiliates. While branded affiliates may occasionally get a few benefits based on their name (let's face it, a "Secular Legal Society" banner isn't going to do your group much good if you're named "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster"), we will not use this program to deny benefits to other affiliate groups. We see it only as a way to create additional support for those groups who are interested.

How do I get an SLS logo to put on my website/T-shirt/brochure?

Are there any legal agreements we have to sign?
Yes. To protect our ownership of the name "Secular Legal Society," we do have to ask that you sign the Name Use Agreement. You will be asked to electronically agree to the agreement when you submit your Branded Affiliate application.

What if my group isn't official on campus yet?
If you are in touch with SSA national and have received a Group Starting Packet, you can complete a Name Use Agreement to get permission to use our name while your group is forming.  This temporary Name Use Agreement can be revoked if you fail to get your group started within one year of receiving your packet, decline to affiliate with us once you receive campus recognition, or violate our Minimum Standards for Affiliation.

I have a weird situation on my campus…
Contact us at organizer@secularstudents.org! We know that every campus is a little different. Don't hesitate to send us any questions or concerns you might have. We'll be happy to address them.

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