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Recruitment and Retention: What, Why, and How


Recruitment and retention are two of the most important factors that can either guarantee the longevity of your group or spell utter doom for its future. Why? Recruitment is very important for your group to always be engaging in. Bringing in new blood will make sure that the members, volunteers, and leaders of tomorrow are already part of your group so that it doesn’t just disappear when you and the other current leaders graduate; there will always be someone to hand the torch off to. Retention is just as important as well! Once you recruit new members, you must make sure that your group is engaging them in ways that keeps them interested and invested in the group and its activities.

However, many SSA affiliate groups often struggle with one or both of these factors. We hope that this guide provides useful tips, tricks, and advice to help your group not only succeed, but thrive, on your campus. After all, if you don’t bring in new members and your current members do not stay interested, how can your group survive into the future?

We've created a handy downloadable guide for you to use below! Be sure to also check out these SSA Con video topics on these issues and needs as well to hear directly from other student leaders and SSA Campus Organizers.

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