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Reason Rally 2016 Will Be Awesome!


This Reason Rally is this summer June 4th. It is a major opportunity to make secular voices heard in the political process. The Reason Rally itself is a gathering of over 30,000 secular Americans for a day-long celebration of reason at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. However, there will also be many surrounding events to take part in before, during, and after the Rally. There are many opportunities for secular students to get involved, meet secular movement personalities and leaders, and network with each other and SSA staff.

2016 is a huge opportunity for secular Americans to get involved in political activism due to being a presidential election year, and Reason Rally is a great way to kick that into high gear! There will be opportunities to lobby your elected officials as well. Plus, there are going to be a ton of great secular speakers and celebrities at the event, such as:

  • Maryam Namazie
  • Bill Nye
  • Johnny Depp
  • Margaret Cho
  • Carolyn Porco
  • John de Lancie
  • Kelly Carlin
  • Paul Provenza
  • Eugenie Scott
  • SciBabe
  • Cara Santa Maria
  • Killah Priest
  • Mark White
  • Penn Jillette
  • Lizz Winstead
  • Music by the Wu Tang Clan
  • and even more!

If you are as excited as we are, SSA is proud to be able to offer travel grants to help your group get to DC for the event. These are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to get your group’s grant application in as soon as possible! SSA staff will be on-site to interact with you and your group, and will even be distributing awesome student-exclusive swag to those who attend Reason Rally. Need help planning your trip? Reason Rally has you covered.


  • Reason Rally has provided a listing of hotels with Reason Rally discounted rates.
  • If you need help finding affordable lodging, and splitting a hotel room with a friend isn't an option, we recommend looking for nearby hostels, which tend to be much cheaper than a hotel room.
  • These hostels might be a bit farther out from the National Mall, but the city's public transportation can easily get you to the National Mall from most points within the city.
  • If you are so inclined, Airbnb, or similar apps that allow you to find lodging options, are also an option that you might want to explore.


  • We are offering travel grants to help get you and your group to Washington, D.C. for the event! Be sure to apply if you need the assistance.
  • Reason Rally has provided tips and advice on flying, driving, and arriving by bus over on their website. They also have provided information on public transit and airport needs.
  • Like in 2012, there will be Rally Buses available again. However, each bus must get at least 40 people to reserve a seat, or else it will not be able to happen. If your group is interested in this option, be sure to help motivate other local groups to be involved too!

To help you and your group save even more money, SSA and the Reason Rally have teamed up to offer an exclusive student discount to most of the surrounding events, such as SCA's Advocacy Days, that will be taking place around the city before, during, and after the Rally! All you need to do is sign up to be a (free!) SSA student member, and the coupon code will be included in our student newletter.

More Ways to Get Involved

  • There are some awesome volunteering options, with some great incentives! Reason Rally organizers are looking for volunteers right now to help with a wide variety of tasks that you can do from anywhere, and provide you with real-world experience. They’re also looking for volunteers to help on site during the Reason Rally and surrounding events.
  • Volunteers in any capacity (on site or remote) get special Reason Rally t-shirts, and there will be an exclusive volunteer recognition dinner on Sunday, June 5th for everyone who’s helped out.
  • Sign up to volunteer here!

If you have any questions about volunteering with the Reason Rally - including ways you can use your volunteering for internship or service hours credit - you can email Lyz Liddell, the Reason Rally Executive Director, at Lyz@reasonrally.org! (As a former SSA staffer, Lyz is particularly excited to help get students involved with the Reason Rally team and make it a great experience - so don’t be shy about reaching out!)

We’ll see you at Reason Rally this summer!

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