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Secular Student Alliance at the Reason Rally!


The biggest event in the history of the atheist movement is coming and, as a sponsor of the Reason Rally, you can bet that the SSA is going to be there in force!

Research has shown that the more prevalence atheists have, the less likely people are to engage in prejudice against us.  Well, here's our greatest chance to show the nation that we are amongst them - and that we are amongst them in droves.  It is imperative that as many non-believers attend this event as possible, and the SSA is committed to having a strong student presence at the Reason Rally!  In the last several years, the student voice has become a strong portion of our movement.  It deserves a seat at the national table.

While you may come for the social impact, many will stay for the fun!  The rally will feature some of the most prominent faces in the secular movement such as Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Greta Christina, Hemant Mehta, and others.  There will also be entertainment in the form of comedian Jamie Kilstein and a free concert by Bad Religion.  And the best part of all?  It's FREE!  All your group needs to do is show up.

But for your group to be present for this historic march on Washington, you need to start planning now.  The Reason Rally will take place on the National Mall on March 24, 2012 from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  The SSA will have a tent on the Mall where we'll be congregating and providing swag to all the students in attendance.  Join us and let's make history!


There are many ways to travel to the Reason Rally.  Check them out and get discounts for most of them here!  We also have a rideshare page for all the groups who want to carpool to the event.  So if you need a ride, this could be a good place to check!

Funding Assistance

The SSA has made extra funds available through our Project Grants for student groups interested in traveling to the Reason Rally.  Head over to the Project Grant page and put in your application today!


There are several hotels offering discounted rooms to Reason Rally attendees!  Check out the Reason Rally's lodging page by clicking the link above! Or check out this short list of hostels in the D.C. area near the national mall.

Lobby Day

The Secular Coalition for America is hosting a Lobby Day before the Reason Rally. The lobby day will include a training session on how to talk to your Congressperson, lunch, and a potential opportunity to speak to your Senator or Representative. Registration is free!

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