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Multi-Speaker Event Funding


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Please read through this page before submitting a funding request. This page details all the prerequisites and requirements for Multi-speaker Event Funding.  Reading and understanding the information on this page will eliminate confusion and help you submit the best possible application for your event.

What is Multi-Speaker Event Funding?
Multi-speaker Event Funding is available to SSA affiliates interested in hosting a large, multi-speaker event such as a local or regional conference.  Instead of submitting separate applications for funding from the Speakers Bureau and Project Grants, affiliates may complete this single application to request unified funding in a more streamlined system.

Multi-speaker Event Funding should be used when an affiliate is hosting an event involving multiple speakers, including one or more members of the SSA Speakers Bureau.  Events of a single Speakers Bureau member should be handled through the process outlined on the Speakers Bureau page.  Events that do not include any members of the SSA Speakers Bureau should apply for Project Grant funding.

A single affiliate hosting a multi-speaker event may apply for up to $1,400 in funding.  Events may be co-sponsored with up to five additional SSA affiliates; each co-sponsoring SSA affiliate increases the eligible funding amount by $400 (with some restrictions, see below).

This funding is intended to supplement other sources of income for these events.  Your group should also be working with your school, local community and event audience to make your event as cost-effective as possible.  You may consider holding fundraiser events, asking for donations as the event, charging admission, and/or selling t-shirts or other products at the event in order to cover the majority of your costs.

Because this funding is intended to be supplemental, SSA conference/large event funding is available either on a grant basis or a loan basis.  Grants may be ideal for single events (as opposed to recurring annual events), while a loan might be a better choice for an event in its first year or recurring events that simply needs up-front cash to cover expenses before ticket sales come in.  Groups may also request a partial loan, in which only a portion of the funding is returned.  If you are not sure which solution is best for your group, contact a campus organizer and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Funding applications must be submitted at least 45 days before the event.  More time is always better.  We would rather receive an incomplete request sooner than a complete one later; we can always add in the information as plans move forward.

Click here to read all requirements and prerequisites
Please do this before applying so that you may have all necessary materials together when filling out the application form.

Go directly to the Multi-Speaker Event Application

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