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Design Exchange


Welcome to the Design Exchange! This page contains many free print and digital media files in multiple downloadable formats for your group to use. Most files are filled in with generic information, so be sure to read over all the included text carefully and replace all names, dates, locations, websites, or email addresses with your group's correct information. Feel free to use these designs as much as your group would like to, or to use them as inspiration for your own custom flyers or posters.

We highly recommend using .indd or .psd files (where available) to be able to fully customize the flyers below. If you do not have access to, or experience using, InDesign, Photoshop, or their freeware alternatives, we have also tried to provide editable .pdfs to make it as easy as possible to customize them. If you would prefer to handwrite your information, download and print out the editable .pdf files to do so.

Annual Events

You can find many downloadable and customizable flyer and poster designs for annual events at:

Speaker Flyers

Separation of Church & StateBigName Speaker

Separation of Church & State Speaker
.indd   editable .pdf   .eps

Big Name Speaker
.indd   editable .pdf   .eps

Regular Meeting Flyers


RegMtg1 - Not Alone
.indd   editable .pdf   .eps

RegMtg2 - Unsure
.indd   editable .pdf   .eps

RegMtg3 - Bible Study
.indd   editable .pdf   .eps


secular society

Yes No Maybe

Almost Ben Franklin Quote

Secular Society

Yes No Maybe

Group Starting Flyer
editable .pdf

Protest Signs

(A full guide on how to design and construct protest signs can be found here)

You Deserve Respect Sign
.psd .png

Citation Needed Sign
.psd .png

God Hates Signs Sign
.psd .png

Other Digital Media Files

SSA Facebook Profile Picture
.psd   .png
SSA Facebook Profile Picture Blue
.psd   .png
SSA Facebook Profile Picture Tilt
.psd   .png
SSA Facebook Group Banner
.psd   .png
SSA Facebook Group Banner Blue
.psd   .png
SSA Facebook Group Banner Mission
.psd   .png
SSA Facebook Group Banner Vision
.psd   .png

What file type should you download?

We have provided several different files types for you to download. Read on to understand what these differnet file types mean and what to get out of each one.

.indd - Adobe InDesign Document
This is the original format most of these documents were created in. InDesign is a program used specifically to layout primarily text and images on a page. Use this in order to get all layers, images, and text boxes in their original and editable format. InDesign can export to many finished file formats including .eps and .pdf.

.psd - Adobe Photoshop Document
Photoshop is a popular graphics editing program used to create and manipulate images and graphic features. PSD files, like InDesign files, can keep all elements of a file saved including layers, layer masks, text, alpha channels, clipping paths, transparency blending, etc. Photoshop can export to many finished file formats including .eps and .pdf. While it does have a text feature, it should not be used for handling primarily text-based documents. 

.pdf - Portable Document Format
PDFs are one of the most common electronic file formats for sharing documents. It is mainly intended for sharing text files in a high resolution printable format that the author does not want to be edited. This file type essentially takes a photo of your document and puts it into this nearly universal file format. Most editing programs can create PDF files through the Print > Print as PDF dialogue screen rather than as a Save or Export function.

.eps - Encapsulated PostScript
This file type is mainly for graphic-heavy images. It saves them similarly to a PDF file by flattening all layers while keeping the high resolution quality. The difference is, these files can be inserted into other documents as a vector image - an image type that can be resized without losing much quality. This might be handy if you want to download an 8.5x11" flyer but downsize it into 1/4 sheet handouts.

.doc/docx - Microsoft Word Document
This file type is generally for word-processing only but can handle some graphic usage. Is useful for text-heavy documents with basic image placements. Files can be saved to PDF format from here.

.png - Portable Networks Graphic
PNG's are small file types similar to GIFs and JPGs but can support millions more colors and preserve transparancy if included in the image. (No ugly white block in the background!) It is best used when wanting to preserve image integrity in small sizes, for example social media profile pictures and avatars.

.gif - Graphics Interchange Format
Most well known for being able to display small comical animations on the internet, the GIF is also used for small file types needing extra compression to save space. Colors are reduced to a palatte of 256 which can greatly reduce image quality. However it does have the ability to display transparency as well.

.jpg/jpeg - Why to NOT use it!
Why do we not offer .jpg images? JPEG images are for saving file space, meaning they use a method of compression that degrades the image every time you open and save it. JPEGs are best used for display on the web when their small file size serves as an advantage in loading a web page. But they are at a disadvantage when being used in printed format which requires a much higher resolution than your computer screen needs in order to look nice. Basically, we don't want to give you image files that will print out looking all pixelated and gross.

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