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Chase Community Giving



Thank you all so much for your support! We earned a $50,000 grant from Chase, coming in 27th place! We wanted to make sure you all knew how much we appreciated your votes, so we made you a video!

Click here to watch our thank you video!

Camp Quest and Foundation Beyond Belief each received a $20,000 grant as well.

CCG bannerThe Secular Student Alliance has been nominated for the Chase Community Giving Program! This means we have the opportunity to get up to $250,000 in grants! Here is how it works:

Starting September 6th, everyone gets two votes that they can use on Facebook: simply click here to go to our page and vote! No sign-up is necessary. Only one of your votes can be used for the SSA.

If you "share" the Chase Community Giving page, you will be granted an additional vote that can be used to help out the SSA.

Voting runs until September 19th. At this time, grants will be awarded from Chase in the following manner:

  • $250,000 goes to the top vote-getter
  • $100,000 to the next ten runner-ups
  • $50,000 to the next 35 runner-ups
  • $20,000 to the next 50 runner-ups
  • $10,000 to the next 100 runner-ups

so there is ample opportunity for the SSA to receive a grant. But we need you help to do it! First of all...

Looking for a place to use your extra vote? Camp Quest, the Secular Summer Camp, was also nominated, as was Foundation Beyond Belief. They are bothfantastic secular organizations!

Go vote!
Remember, voting is from September 6th through September 19th!

Additionally, if you bank with Chase you get an additional two votes! Click here to log in to Chase's site and use your extra votes.

Share with your friends!
Let everyone on your facebook page know we were nominated so they can help too. Plus, when you share, you get an extra vote that can be used for the SSA!

You can also share this link through email.

We also have tear-off flyers available for download if you know of a place (a local coffee shop, or on your campus!) where they will be well-received.

Change your Facebook banner
We have a Facebook banner available to help spread the word! Click here or use the link on the bottom of your page to download!

Student Leaders: post to your group's Facebook page!
Share the link above with you membership through your Facebook page to make sure you members know how easy it is to help the SSA get a grant from Chase!

Student Leaders: email your members!
We have created two easy-to-use email templates that you can just paste, customize and send to your members.  If you already have an email template that you use for your group's announcements (like MailChimp, GroupSpaces or phpList), you'll want to select the file "SSA-Chase.contentonly.txt." If you use gmail or another mail program that doesn't provide you with a template, you can use "SSA-Chase.htmlemail.txt," which comes with the SSA's own email template!

Plain Text Button on Gmail InterfaceBoth files are written in html code.  If you're not familiar with that, don't panic!  All you need to do is find the button on your email editor labeled "Plain Text," "Source" or "Source Code."  You can see what it looks like in gmail in the image to the right.  Once you've enabled the plain-text mode, just paste in the entire content from the file.  Then turn your email editor back on (usually a button in the same place labeled "Rich Text" or "WYSIWYG"), and you should have a beautiful email that you can customize and send out just like normal.

Of course, just contact us if you have questions or problems!

Oh, and did we mention? Vote!! :)

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