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Your Campus Organizing Staff


Are you curious who the people are that exist to help your SSA affiliate group succeed and do awesome things? Check out your personal campus organizers below to discover fun facts and to find their personal recommendations on resources that can help your group be as great as it can be.

Not sure who to contact? Drop us a line at organizer@secularstudents.org!

Nick Stancato, Campus Organizing Manager

Nick is probably the guy you talk to when trying set up a Speakers Bureau event, getting funding, and he also is responsible for sending out all the awesome SSA tabling supplies your group might request. He is an avid Roman history buff and is a huge gamer.

Favorite movie or movie series: Star Wars
Favorite video game character: Garrus Vakarian of Mass Effect fame
Favorite comic book character: Deadpool

When not working or gaming, Nick can normally be found spending time with his fiancee or hanging out with his pet iguana. He goes by Mando44646 on most gaming services like Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam; feel free to find him there!

Recommended SSA service or resource: Web Presence Guide

Gordon Maples, Senior Campus Organizer

Gordon is one of the most skilled "on the ground" campus organizers we have. He spends his leftover time after work watching/hunting down/reviewing bad movies, following NHL hockey, and being a nerd. He has two beloved kitties, Noir and Tango, and is academically fascinated by American Cold War culture (especially media and entertainment). 

Favorite Nicolas Cage Movie: Don't make me choose
Favorite incarnation of The Doctor: Won't do that one either
Favorite Twilight Zone episode: Come on now, that isn't fair

Recommended SSA service or resource: Secular Start UpGroup Promotion and Media Relations

Pete Zupan, Campus Organizer
[pete DOT zupan AT secularstudents DOT org]

Pete is the generally-everything-to-the-west Campus Organizer. He's had a lot of experience with group running, event planning, speaker organizing, and all the other "ing's" involved with a group. He works a lot with trying to bring out stories and meaning making from groups, like the many he's had as a student leader.

Favorite Animal: Canis lupus familiaris
Favorite Weather: Raining cats and dogs
Favorite Dog Breed: all of them, especially the big fluffy ones

When not working for SSA, Pete likes to spoil his dogs. He also enjoys Skyrim, reading up on evolution, and going on adventures with his dogs. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Recommended SSA thing: Brag It Up!

Sam Farooqui, Campus Organizer

Sam is the new Campus Organizer for the Atlantic region. She has had significant experience with running local organizations, communications, student government, grassroots activism, public speaking, organizing events, and fundraising. She's passionate about social justice causes involving but not limited to race, gender, ability, LGBTQIA+, and civil rights. 

Favorite cloud formation type: cumulonimbus
Favorite flower: Jasminum sambac
Favorite time of day: dusk

Outside of the office, Sam is into singing (karaoke or not); attempting to sing both main and backup vocals; consuming tons of media; trying new foods; criticizing things, constructively or otherwise, but usually constructively; and ~sociopolitical analysis~.

Recommended SSA resourcevice: Speakers Bureau


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