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Campus Organizer Interviews Comedian Joe Dixon (5:52)


Secular Student Alliance Campus Organizer Interviews New York based Comedian Joe Dixon. Joe is available this fall to put on his show at your campus. Let her know (organizer@secularstudents.org) if you're interested.

Rejuvenating the Humanist Movement (4:28)

Matt Cherry, a British humanist involved in several international humanist organizations, talks about youth in the humanist movement. What are they doing now, and what opportunities do - and should they have? If you would rather read than listen, you can read this article at http://www.secularstudents.org/node/458

Sweet Reason, My Boyfriend is Hot and Bothered When God Gets Into Bed! (5:51)

What do you say in the bedroom? A humorous column by Molleen Matsumura discussing how to handle the uncommonly affirming atheist and his protests in the bedroom.

SSA eNews No. 11 - The SSA Around the World


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