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$5 Alumni membership in AHA, AAI and SSA

Have you just graduated? Were you an SSA member or were you active with a secular student group while you were in school?

If so, you are eligible for one year's membership in the Secular Student Alliance, the American Humanist Association and Atheist Alliance International at the rate of only $5.

This is a $106 value for just $5.

For you math types, this is over a 95% discount!

My Struggle with Belief (3:32)

Edwin Kagin, Camp Quest co-founder and Legal Director for American Atheists tells us of his struggle with belief. You can read the text of this post in the SSA eNews.

Affiliate Leader Speaks about Bringing Women to Freethought (8:12)


Campus Organizer interviews the president of the Humanist Association at California State University at Los Angeles Ronald Spriestersbach. They discuss approaches that the Humanist Association has taken to getting more women involved in their group.

Idaho SSA Affiliate Group in the Paper (and Kansas, too!)


The Society of Open-Minded Agnostics & Atheists at the University of Idaho(an SSA affiliate) was featured in their campus newspaper. It was a nice article, featuring several student members, and a heads up to their namesake (SOMA) from the University of Kansas. Yay to Idaho!



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