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Freethought Fun for the Whole Family

Camp QuestLooking for some freethought family fun this weekend?

From the William and Mary Freethinker Alliance: The Atheist's Log


more atheist blogAndon of the William and Mary Freethinker Alliance passes this along:

Non-communion-wafer-eating Florida Student to be on Freethought Radio


Freethought RadioWebster Cook, a 19-year-old junior at Central Florida University (Orlando) who has recently been in the news for leaving a Catholic Mass with a sacred Communion wafer uneaten, will be on Freethought Radio this Saturday (7/19/08).

Graphic Design Internship with the Secular Coalition for America


SCA logoDo you believe in protecting and strengthening the secular character of our government?

Are you adept at using Photoshop and Flash to design and create images?

Are you a creative, artistic person who works well independently?


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