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Secular Student Alliance & Secular Coalition for America: Capitol Hill Scholars Program

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The Secular Coalition for America is launching its first-ever Capitol Hill Scholars Program! We're excited to announce this amazing opportunity for our students.

Have you ever wanted to spend a summer interning on Capitol Hill?

Capitol Hill Scholars ProgramAre you looking to boost your resume while defending the values and principles important to you?

Do you want the opportunity to make great professional contacts with important advocacy organizations on Capitol Hill?

Are you interested in earning college credit for promoting public policy that nontheistic Americans care about?

If you answered yes to these questions, consider applying for the Secular Coalition for America's Capitol Hill Scholars Program.

Secular Coalition for America

Here's how it works:

While we can't guarantee that you'll land an internship on Capitol Hill, the Secular Coalition will work with you to get your resume and cover letter through the door to elected offices and do everything in our power to help you land a highly coveted internship on Capitol Hill.

Applicants who are accepted for internships will then officially become part of our Capitol Hill Scholars Program, where we will offer you fantastic learning and networking opportunities and the tools and skills you need to be a nontheist advocate on Capitol Hill.

We also hope to offer a stipend for students who are part of the Scholars Program based on financial need.

If you are interested in this summer internship opportunity, contact Sasha Bartolf, the Legislative Director for the Secular Coalition for America, to begin the process of applying to work on Capitol Hill. You can email her directly at sasha[AT]secular[DOT]org

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WE are young people who...

Talk about ideas seriously.

Live ethical & fulfilling lives without the supernatural.

Think it is more important that we can live together than that we all agree.

See democracy as an ideal worth living up to.

Believe science and reason lead to more reliable knowledge than faith

WE are members of the

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In 2010, the Secular Student Alliance will be holding two regional leadership summits in addition to our annual conference. Our first regional leadership summit will be held at Stanford University on February 13-14, 2010! Mark the dates on your calendar to join us for a weekend of leadership training, group-running seminars, networking with other secular campus group leaders, and fun!

Secular Student Alliance Members & Affiliates


The Secular Student Alliance sees a lot of confusion when it comes to ways that people can become a part of the organization. What does it mean to join? How do you become a member? How are groups involved as opposed to individuals?

There are two main ways to get involved with the Secular Student Alliance. Any individual person, regardless of age or student status, can join the SSA as a member. A student group can get involved with the SSA by applying to become an affiliate. Read on to learn the differences between the two and what it all means!

Secular Student Alliance 2009 Conference Audio Now Online!

Conference AudioThe Audio Archives from the 2009 Secular Student Alliance Conference are now online! Whether you missed the conference or just want to hear your favorite talk again, head to our conference Audio Archives to listen to the talks in an easy-to-use, iPod-compatible .mp3 format.


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