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2017 SSA Annual Conference Travel Info


Dorm InfoPoliciesGetting ThereHotelMealsArea Map


SSA Con is held at the Ohio Union on the south edge of The Ohio State University’s campus in Columbus, Ohio. The address is 1739 N High St, Columbus, OH 43210.

The Union will open each morning at 9:00 a.m. and will close promptly at 11:00 p.m.

Dorm Check In and Out

Guests will be staying at Raney House located at (North Campus at 33 W. Lane Avenue). 

You will check in and check out at the Blackburn House (136 W. Woodruff Avenue). The check in desk is in the Blackburn Victory Room, and is staffed 24/7.

Check-in will take place on Friday and Saturday, and is open 24 hrs.

Check Out will be Sunday by 5 PM at the latest.

If you have paid for extra nights on Thursday or Sunday, check-in opens at 3 PM on Thursday and check-out closes at 3 PM on Sunday.

If you do not reserve your dorm in advance online, you may still do so on-location. However, you will pay a 10% increase over the standard rate if you do so.

Dorm Policies

  • Guests can contact housing staff 24/7 at (614) 292‐9725.
  • Pulling a fire alarm without just cause, tampering with the smoke detection systems, or
    false reporting of an emergency to the police/fire department is prohibited and is reason
    for dismissal from the residence hall.
  • Objects may not be thrown in the hallways, student rooms, public areas, or from
  • Furniture, blankets and towels may not be removed from guest rooms for any reason.
    Beds, mattresses and desks may not be moved within the room itself without the
    permission of the Summer Conference Housing Staff.
  • Any remaining towels or linen should be left in the room when preparing to check out.
    The cost of replacing any missing articles will be charged to the appropriate conference.
    Anyone needing fresh towels or linen during their stay should exchange their used items
    at the Summer Conference Housing Front Desk.
  • Any costs deemed excessive regarding damage or cleaning needs will be passed along to you, the guest.
  • If a key is lost or reported missing either during the conference or at check‐out and it is not recovered within 5 business days, a charge of $150.00 will be passed along to you, the guest.
  • Do not open or hold an entrance door open for anyone you don’t recognize as a university guest and do not prop outside doors open.
  • No alcohol or tobacco usage within the dorms or on campus. Period. You will be removed from your dorm if campus or SSA staff learn of any such policy violations.
  • Guests will access the WiFi@OSU wifi network, which does not require any form of authentication.

Getting There

Many campus organization offices offer Institutional Funding for student groups to attend conferences. Applications will look better as you stress the professional development and skill-building focus of SSA Con. Apply for Leadership Travel Aid too!

  • By Road: This is by far the most cost-effective way for groups east of the Mississippi to get to SSA Con! Many groups travel together and can help split the costs for gas. 
  • For parking on-campus, you have several options.
    • During the day, the Ohio Union's parking garages are closest and attached to the venue, but more expensive.
    • The Gateway Parking Garage at 75 E 11th Ave is much cheaper, and only a short walk away from the Union.
    • For overnight parking, we heavily recommend using the Lane Avenue Garage (2100 Neil Avenue) for anyone staying on-campus during SSA Con. It has a daily max of $12.50 and allows 24/7 guest parking on its 5th and 6th floors.
    • Other 24/7 garage options include 11th Avenue Garage (229 West 11th Avenue), Ohio Union South Garage (1759 North High Street), and South Campus Gateway Garage (75 East 11th Avenue)
    • As another option, you can buy Surface Lot parking passes online. You cannot buy parking passes at the dorms.
    • Need to carpool? Ask around on the Facebook event or talk to nearby SSA groups!

  • By Air: The major airport is John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH). This is about a 20 minute drive from the conference venue.

  • By Bus: Megabus stops at the Ohio Union (event venue). Megabus is generally more cost-effective, though Greyhound has more cities and better stops. The Greyhound Downtown Station in Columbus is located at 111 E Town St, and is about 15 minutes away from the Ohio Union.

  • By Boat: Columbus is landlocked. This will not work.

Speakers' Hotel

We will be placing speakers in the Courtyard Marriot by OSU (780 Yard Street, Columbus, OH 43212). We will have a volunteer shuttle to pick up and drop off conference speakers; details for those times will be sent to speakers two weeks before SSA Con. Though there is no discounted block for Con attendees, we recommend staying here if you'd prefer a hotel to the dorms, so that other SSA attendees are around to hang out with.

Meals During the Con

All meal breaks during the event this year will be catered and will be veggie/vegan-friendly. Those include:

  • Friday: Evening reception with hors-d'oeuvres and refreshments
  • Saturday: Continental breakfast, boxed lunch, and boxed dinner is provided.
  • Sunday: Continental breakfast is provided. Solstice-in-July meal after the Closing Session.

In the Area

Simply hit the small star at the top of this map to be able to save it to Google Maps on your own devices. You can also click the box on the top left for recommended locations of nearby food (with vegan options), services, parking, and directions to the dorms!

Remember that many attendees might not be of legal drinking age, so avoid standalone bars if any are hanging out with your group. Columbus bars do check ID's at the door, especially in the evenings.

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