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SSA 2013 Annual Conference Housing


Columbus Conference Banner

Since the SSA's Annual Conference spans a few calendar days, you're probably going to want a place to spend at least a little bit of time sleeping.  (Or at the very least, a place to stash your stuff and shower now and then.)

Well, we have options for you!  You can stay in the inexpensive and close-to-the-event dorm rooms, or you can opt for the more upscale conference hotel off campus.  Read on for more details.

Individuals staying in the dorm housing must read and agree to the dorm housing policies.  Download a copy here.  (This .pdf file also contains handy information like emergency and maintenance information.)

Dorm Housing
We have, as usual, housing in the dorms at Ohio State.  While they're not a 5-star hotel, they are cheap!  Rooms have air conditioning, mini-fridge and microwave, bed linens, and we've even bargained with the university to include towels in the price this year.  (But you'll still need to bring your own toothbrush, etc.)  Remember, all dorms are nonsmoking, and alcohol is prohibited anywhere on the OSU campus, including the dorms. This year, dorm housing will be in Park-Stradley Hall on South Campus (110 W. 11th ave Columbus, Ohio 43210) (numbers 096 and 104 on map).

You can register for dorm housing for Friday and Saturday nights when you register for the conference.  (Unlike previous years, you'll now be charged for your housing at the time of registration.)  If you're registering a group, you have the option of paying for shared room space for all your group's members when you pay for your group registration - but if your group has complicated housing needs or is less than five students, you can also let your group members know that they need to pay for their own housing.

If you need extra nights in the dorms, we do have rooms available for Thursday and Sunday nights.  Once you register for the conference, you can add additional nights using the link in your registration confirmation email.  Or, you can use this form to add on housing.  Again, you'll be charged when you reserve the housing.

If you need to cancel your housing reservations, just contact our conference planning team at conference@secularstudents.org - we can arrange a full refund of your housing costs up until July 3rd.  (Same goes for registration.)

You have two options with the dorm housing:

Shared Rooms: Usually four per room in single beds, this is the standard housing option.  It's only $23/night, making it budget-friendly.  Plus, you get to meet new people and spend those late nights conversing about life, the universe, running your group, and everything.

We allow you to request one roommate when you sign up for multiple housing.  Why not a group of four?  Well, it keeps things simpler for us, your humble-and-only-human conference planning team.  It also neatly avoids the problem of a group registration being for five people but only four people fitting in a room.  Even better, it prevents you from traveling all the way to Columbus to hang out with people you already spend all your time with.  Meeting other student leaders is an awesome part of the conference experience, and we want to encourage you to get everything you can from the conference.

Single Rooms: For $60/night, it's much cheaper than a hotel, but you get the privacy you wouldn't have in a shared room.  Great for those who might be shy, have trouble sleeping or aren't excited about sharing a room.  Alas, the bed is still only a single, so if you're planning on staying with a significant other, you might want to opt for a hotel room instead (see below).

Holiday Inn Logo
Holiday Inn Express
Hotel & Suites

3045 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 447-1212
Make a reservation

Hotel Housing
We've worked with the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites to hold a block of rooms for the conference.   The hotel is about a 5-10 minute drive from the Ohio Union (where conference events will be held), depending on traffic.  The hotel also offers shuttle service if you ask politely (and set it up in advance).

If you prefer the hotel, the rate is $120/night. You will need to call the hotel directly in order to set that up (you must tell them you are with the Secular Student Alliance or else you will not get the group rate). You may ask for a single king bed or 2 queens. They need to know if you need a room by June 12th, otherwise only the dorms will be available.

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