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SSA Conference 2012

The 2012 conference is over and was a great success! You can read all about it here.

Conference Information

Important Dates!

  • June 18th: Early Registration has ended. All registrations will be at full price through the conference.
  • June 24th will be the last day to order con t-shirts with your registration.  We don't intend to have any to sell at the conference, so order yours today!
  • July 1 will be the last day we'll accept online registrations, which means that's also the last day to get housing.
  • July 1 will also be the last day to put in an airport pick-up request, otherwise you will have to seek other means to get to OSU from the airport.

On July 6th, secular students from all over the country will descend on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, OH to attend the legendary Secular Student Alliance Leadership Conference! This will be the undoubtedly be single greatest weekend of your entire life, but don't take our word for it! Drew Pruitt, member of SSA at University of Nevada-- Las Vegas, has written about why you should attend.

What's New This Year?

Remember last year when we had two sessions going at once? That was pretty great, wasn't it? Well this year we decided that two sessions isn't enough-- we're going to have three concurrent sessions during the whole conference! Wow! You'll be able to select the talk that is most relevant to you-- and if you bring other group members, you can all see different talks!

Speaking of bringing group members, did we mention the group discount? If you bring five group members, you can register for $150-- that's only $30 per person! What a deal!

Say you want to bring four group members and your group's advisor-- great! Advisors are eligible for the group rate as well. There's an advisor rate as well! For only $60, advisors can come to the conference and participate in our first-ever advisor track! Yes, you read that right: we're having a specific track to help advisors! Holy balls.

Oh, food you say? We've got two major meals covered, plus breakfast both Saturday and Sunday! On Friday night of the conference, we're going to have for-real pizza, and on Saturday, we're having a catered lunch (with gluten free and vegetarian options!). At the Saturday lunch, we're going to have tables set up by topic-- with experts sitting right there with you! Want to have lunch with your favorite speaker from the conference? You can!

Since we know students aren't made of money, we keep the cost of the conference low for you! Rather than renting expensive hotel rooms, we reserve Ohio State dorm rooms for you. Room prices will be $21/night for a shared room (4 students to a room) or $54/night for a single room. Student registration is only $50 for this entire jam-packed conference! Registration cutoff date is Sunday July 1st. If you don't register before then, you'll have to register at the conference after rates increase! Oh no!

Need a ride from the airport?  This year we have an airport pick-up request form that you can fill out to make sure you'll have a ride.  Please use that form to let us know if you need a ride - and we've got you covered.

So join us July 6-8, 2012 at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH! We're bringing back some of the favorite speakers from 2011 and bringing in new speakers as well! It's going to be the best and biggest conference yet, so make sure you're there! Mark your calendars for July 6-8, 2012! Events will get kicked off starting at 7 PM on Friday night and will run to 2 PM on Sunday afternoon. Registration is open! Do it today!

Our 2011 conference, with over 200 attendees!See that? That's 200 students at last year's conference!

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