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Stand up for students' rights all year long!


Dear Friends,

SSAUCF CaptionedA few weeks ago, the Secular Student Alliance received a letter from a high school teacher who called students “deviants” for trying to start a secular group on their campus, claiming they did not deserve equal protection because of their secularism. We were outraged by this attack on students’ rights, so we brought the situation to the school’s attention. Pointing to the law, the moral landscape, and the bullying that secular students often face, we made it clear to the school that discrimination against secular students cannot be tolerated.

The administration agreed with us.  The teacher backtracked and pledged never to discriminate against students for any reason.  The administrators reaffirmed their commitment to diversity and the rights of all students to form clubs.  They spoke with the teacher to emphasize that he could not treat students differently because of what they do— or do not— believe.

We do everything within our power to make sure secular students are able to form safe and supportive communities. We hear of students being treated wrongly by teachers or administrators throughout the entire year. You can make sure we are ready to help students throughout the entire year by becoming a Monthly Supporter. For as little as you would spend on a cup of coffee, you can ensure secular students receive the resources they need. Sign up by visiting:


The students at this school are preparing to start a group as soon as the school year starts with support from both the SSA’s and the administration. Thanks to our help they no longer have to worry about a teacher denying them equal protection. Make sure all the students starting groups in the coming weeks have the support they need by becoming a Monthly Supporter or making a one-time gift.

Be well,
Mr. August E. Brunsman IV
Executive Director
Secular Student Alliance
P.O. Box 2371
Columbus, OH 43216
614-441-9588 x 103 (office)
877-842-9474 (fax)
614-596-7940 (cell)

P.S. The Secular Student Alliance is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, so all donations are fully tax deductible!

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