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2011 SSA Carrot and Stick Project!

August reaching his goal

Dear Supporters,

We both know that we have only one life to live. Without belief in an afterlife, we want to make sure it's as happy and healthy a life as possible, making the world a better place in the process. That's why we invite you to participate in the 2011 SSA Carrot and Stick project!

Together, we can meet personal goals and help the secular students! It's an interesting play on motivation which connects personal improvement goals to larger ideals.

Click here to participate! Here's how it works:

1) Make a measurable self-improvement goal (how much weight to lose, how many push-ups to do)
2) Decide an amount to pledge
3) Choose an organization you would hate to give money to - this is your "stick"
4) Write out checks dated March 31st to both the Secular Student Alliance (this is your "carrot") and the organization you chose in step 3

If you reach your goal by March 31st, send the check to the SSA and rip up the check to your opposing organization. If not, you have to send the check to the 'stick' cause instead! It's more effective if you let us make the pledge public. It worked for me.

Of course I've tried dozens of times before to lose weight. By deciding to tie specific consequences to getting down to 175 lbs. by the end of the year, I was suddenly more motivated than ever before to make the hundreds of right choices, big and little, I needed to get there. After I made my pledge public, I knew I had only three choices: behave in such a way as to lose the weight (acceptable but hard), publicly admit that I was sending money to Campus Crusade for Christ (very painful), or lie (very, very painful). A friend of mine once told me that change doesn't occur until the pain of the change is less than the pain of the problem. By adding new pain to the problem, I made it less than the pain of the change.

Choose your own measurable personal improvement goal and organization that would motivate you the most.

Start the year off in a positive way - click here to help yourself and help the students!

August ripping the check to Campus Crusade for Christ

August Brunsman
Executive Director
Secular Student Alliance

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