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Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist

  • Located in West Virginia
  • Sam Singleton is the world's first and only full-time Atheist Evangelist, so far as we know.
  • Brother Sam is a fictional character created and portrayed onstage by Roger Scott Jackson.
  • He is the author of PATRIARCHS AND PENISES, A Comedy in Two Acts, (2008) TOO BIG FOR GOD, (2009) and IF THE OCEAN WAS WHISKEY AND GOD WAS A DUCK, The Humorous Tale of a Child Evangelist (2010).
  • He has performed his comedic works in more than a hundred venues and towns in the US and Canada, in saloons, theaters, universities and at conferences.
  • Brother Sam has frequently and favorably been compared to Mark Twain, Clarence Darrow, George Carlin, and Foghorn Leghorn.
  • Brother Sam, or his creator, Roger Scott Jackson, is also available for extemporaneous discussions, question and answer sessions, interviews and debates on many subjects, but neither one will debate the existence of god.

Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist likes to point out that "unlike you" he has a creator. That's why he claims to identify with God. "We're both totally made up," he explains. Brother Sam, as his friends refer to him, considers himself inevitable. "Sooner or later somebody like me was bound to happen if families kept (messing) with their children's heads. I'm surprised it took this long. You know what Hosea 8:7 says about reaping the whirlwind. Well, here we are.

The man who wrote and performs Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist prefers to maintain a certain literary distance from his creation. "Brother Sam is not my alter-ego," Roger Scott Jackson insists, although the parallels between the two are obvious: childhood terrors involving bizarre religious practices, the expectation to follow previous generations into the ministry, a lot of intense spiritual seeking, recognition that God is fictional, estrangement from family, and finally a rich full life free from fear of the supernatural. From a Pentecostal upbringing in a family ruled by a preacher father who couldn't stay put, to working as a fish gutter, shoeshine boy, reporter, English teacher, and many more occupations, Jackson says, "It all goes into Brother Sam."

Sam Singleton, or his creator Roger Scott Jackson, would love to come to your campus! His topics include:

  • Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist - Patriarchs and Penises: A Comedy in Two Acts
    The original production of the play that set Brother Sam on his way
    100 Minutes plus Intermission (Profane and irreligious language)

  • Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist - The Other Cheek
    Act I of Patriarchs and Penises (Brother Sam's testimony) presented as a complete performance
    60 Minutes (Profane and irreligious language)

  • Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist - Patriarchs and Penises: Trimmed for Length
    Act II of Patriarchs and Penises (Brother Sam's testimony) presented as a complete performance
    60 Minutes (Profane and irreligious language)

  • If the Ocean was Whiskey and God was a Duck
    Holy Rollers with some funny ideas about right and wrong, a moonshiner, and one angry nine-year-old evangelist
    60 Minutes (Mildly profane and irreligious language)

  • CATS, SHEEP AND GOATS, The Taxonomy of Atheists, Believers and Preachers (2012)
    From when they were childhood best friends (and worst enemies)
    Brother Sam and his cousin Palmer have followed widely disparate paths,
    Sam becoming an atheist evangelist, Palmer remaining faithful to their
    holy roller upbringing. “What I care about isn’t that Palmer believes in
    God,” Brother Sam says, “it’s that he believes in me.” Still, Brother Sam
    is clearly exasperated that anybody so smart and decent can be so
    misguided. Palmer feels exactly the same way. 60 minutes

  • REVIVAL (2011)
    Revival is a satiric enactment of an old time
    revival meeting like Brother Sam went to as a
    boy. It has singing, testimonies, a sermon, all
    the things you’d expect, except godliness.
    And the audience takes part throughout.
    75 to 90 minutes

  • Beers with Brother Sam
    Mingle with Brother Sam
    Time Varies

  • Grilled Atheist Forum* - Include Brother Sam on your panel!
    Go ahead, ask Brother Sam anything you like.
    60 Minutes *Brother Sam Does not debate the existence of God or gods..

  • Roger Scott Jackson, Face to Face With America's Atheists
    Observations from five years on the road with Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist.

  • Roger Scott Jackson, What's Fair
    Does being a member of a minority entitle atheists to behavioral license toward the majority?

Brother Sam's fees are based on a sliding scale ranging from $0 to $1500, depending on a variety of factors; location, date, and circumstance (is it a free admission show? is it open to the public? is another show scheduled nearby? is lodging/travel provided? etc.)

If this is to be a ticketed event, we can use our own ticketing agent, or we'll use yours.

If you're interested in having this speaker come to your school and give a presentation, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.

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