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Bruce Gleason

Mr. Gleason was raised in a secular family, but went to church as a part of the family culture. His parents were a doctor and a speech therapist. Mr. Gleason admits that as a youth, his curiosity about religion and the unbelievable stories herein sent him on a quest for 'nature's truth' without the bounds of the supernatural. Bruce started reading about Islam and Christianity after 9-11 and has read over 3 dozen books from many secular authors. He considers himself a religious scholar of no faith. He calls himself an anti-theist, one who is plainly against superstitious beliefs. It has been shown that those countries which have a more percentage of believers have much lower 'societal health'. Religion harms the individual and society physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically. An atheist world-view which supports science and critical thinking is directly correlated with societal health.
To see Mr. Gleason's videos, search for 'thegoodatheist' on Youtube. Bruce also has many articles written about him in local papers. Go to OCRegister.com and search for 'atheist'. You'll find all the articles on atheism relating so an event which Mr. Gleason has instigated or directed.
Bruce would love to speak on the following topics:
  • The harms which religion causes in society
  • Why an atheistic world-view is healthier
  • Why I am an atheist
  • How Christians and Atheists are alike
  • The evils of religion
  • The logical fallacies of religions reasoning
  • Water cooler talk
  • The history of the Religious Right and how it influences every american
Bruce charges a $200 - $300 honorarium to speak to affiliated student groups.
If you're interested in having this speaker give a presentation for your group, click here to fill out our online Speaker Request form.
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