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Ashley Paramore

  • Located in Oakland, CA
  • Former Secular Student Alliance Development Director
  • Founder of local Columbus atheist organizations Omnipresent Atheists and Heathen Chicks
  • Past Chair of Students for Freethought at Ohio State for 2 years
  • Past Board member of Secular Student Alliance for 2 years
  • YouTuber 'healthyaddict' (https://www.youtube.com/user/healthyaddict

Ashley Paramore is a graduate of The Ohio State University with her BA in Psychology. She has been very active in the skeptic and atheist communities since 2006, both locally and nationally. While in college she chaired Students for Freethought for two years and also created two off-campus groups: Omnipresent Atheists and Heathen Chicks. Outside of the atheist and skeptic communities, she has spoken at Christian colleges, churches, and even a Christian conference. She formerly served as the Development Director of the Secular Student Alliance, and now works in development for the Alliance for Climate Education. In her free time she rock climbs, does magic, plays Dance Dance Revolution, and makes YouTube videos.

Ashley is happy to take suggestions for topics, but in the past has given talks on:

  • "Working with the Godly" - How to work with and reach out to religious groups.
  • "You Are Sexist (and so am I)" - What sexism is, how it effects our communities, and the research behind it.
  • "What Atheists Can Learn From Churches" - Ideas we need to adopt from churches to aid in growing our communities.
  • "How to Have a Giant Pool like Scrooge McDuck" - Ways to fundraise for your group. 
  • "Godless Activism" - The different types of activism you can engage in.
  • Atheist YouTubeing
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