Speakers Bureau

The SSA Speakers Bureau is made up of individuals who have graciously offered to speak, debate, or perform with discounted (or waived) honorariums for SSA chapters.

The speakers bureau is reserved only to current SSA chapters. We will do our best to find you a speaker to meet your needs.

UPDATE: We currently do not have funding for speakers bureau events. Please contact your organizer for help with fundraising for your event.

The views and opinions expressed by the individuals on the SSA Speakers Bureau are solely those of the individuals themselves and do not necessarily represent those of the Secular Student Alliance and its employees.



Politics & Legal Issues

Rob Boston

Washington, D.C.

Patrick Elliot

Madison, Wisconsin

Andrew Seidel

Madison, Wisconsin

Religion & Secularism

Dan Barker

Madison, Wisconsin

Ryan Bell

Los Angeles, California

Carlos Bertha

Bart Campolo

Cincinnati, Ohio

Adam Chalom

Dauv Evans

Hector Garcia

Candace Gorham

Chris Highland

Sikivu Hutchinson

Los Angeles, California

Chris Johnson

New York, New York

Alix Jules

Dallas, Texas

Adam Lee

Andy Norman

Anthony Pinn

Houston, Texas

Darrel Ray

Kansas City, Missouri

Mandisa Thomas

Atlanta, Georgia

Carter Warden

Fernando Alcantar

Social Justice Issues

Rachel Carter

Heina Dadabhoy

Orange County, California

Rajani Gudlavalleti & Megan Kenny

Baltimore, Maryland

Marissa Alexa McCool

St. Paul, Minnesota

Danielle Muscato

Stephanie Zvan

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Science & Technology

Aaron Adair

Matthew Facciani

Abby Hafer

Kavin Senapathy

Madison, Wisconsin

Sabrina Stierwalt

Los Angeles, California

John Wathey

San Diego, California

Benjamin Zalisko

Washington, D.C.


Mark Edward

Shelley Segal

Carter Warden