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Empower Secular Students While You Shop for the Holidays!


Dear Friends,

We may not be religious at the Secular Student Alliance, but that doesn't mean we can't love the holiday season and all the joy it brings! Gathering with family and friends, sharing love and joy, and doing good for your community are not just religious values: they are also ones secular people hold dear.

The Secular Student Alliance at Brandeis!

Our groups have embraced this spirit to finish off 2013. They are planning interfaith community service events in North Carolina, showing the religious community that secular people want to help their communities too. At Brandeis, they are building a strong community on a religious campus, making sure their fellow students see how important community is to them.

We want you all to be able to support these students while you spread good cheer to your friends and families. Amazon.com has started a new program called Amazon Smile that lets you donate to non-profits while you shop! It is simple to sign up, and you can can pick the perfect gifts for your family knowing you are empowering students with every dollar you spend.

To start using Amazon Smile, just follow the simple steps below:

See How the SSA Empowers Individual Student Activists!


Dear Friends,

You already know that the Secular Student Alliance empowers students on campuses from Hawaii to Maine. These students build secular communities at their high schools and colleges.

However, the SSA does more than just empower student communities. Part of our mission is to help individual student activists change the world. I want to tell you about some of the amazing things we are helping individual students to do through our new programs.

One of these new programs for individuals is the Secular Safe Zone, which we launched at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Making students feel safe as nontheists in their communities will encourage many more to become secular activists. The Secular Safe Zone program trains and educates Allies to create safe spaces for students to question, criticize, and discuss religion without fear of backlash from their communities. This program was covered in The Atlantic and in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance!

$20,000 Matching Offer Until the End of the Year!


Update: Thank you! You've rallied to Ron Verstappen's $20,000 match and beyond! Thanks, whether you've already given or whether you're still planning to!

We have some exciting news! Until the end of the year, generous supporter Ron Verstappen has pledged $20,000 to match donations to the Secular Student Alliance! Here is how you can double your impact and create secular activists across the country.

TSHIf you are already a donor to the SSA, any amount you give that puts your 2013 giving total over what you gave in 2012 will be doubled! So, if you gave $35 last year, and make a $100 gift today, the $65 difference will be doubled, making your total impact $165! If you gave $100 last year and have already given $100 in 2013, any additional amount you give will be matched.

If this will be your first time giving to the SSA, your entire gift will be matched! So your $100 donation will become $200, thanks to Ron's generosity.

How to Get Your Group Its Very Own Copy of the Skeptic's Annotated Bible, For Free!


The folks over at the Skeptic's Annotated Bible have donated copies of their hardcover Bible to us to get them in the hands of SSA affiliate groups. They want to support the student movement and we are helping them to distribute the free copies on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each SSA affiliate group is eligible for one free copy of the Skeptic's Annotated Bible if they do one of the following two things:

  1. Has your group done something awesome or cool recently? It might be an inventive service project or fundraiser, or a fun speaker event, or just participating in your school's interfaith program. We love hearing about what our affiliates are up to. Your group is guaranteed a free copy of the book for just filling out a short Brag It Up form and telling us a cool recent event. It can be any kind of event or project to qualify.
  2. Submit some fun or creative pictures of your group! We love seeing your smiling faces almost as much as we love hearing about your awesome events. Just email us your pictures and your group will be considered to receive a copy of the book. This method does not guarantee a copy, though you can also fill out a Brag It Up form if you would like to make sure you qualify for one.


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